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Yes, it's 2007. And that's all I have to say about that. Although I suppose there is both something ironic and perhaps also apt about using a challenge as the first post of a new year. Jason is at it again, and I have never been able to resist, so this is my effort. As always, comments and criticisms are more than welcome. And how the hell are you all!!!???

'Tis the season.....


Lack of recent posts = a very hectic year-end at work + no leave for the wicked. But I will enjoy Monday and Tuesday, as I hope all of you will. Thanks for reading, commenting and emailing. Your input is the only reason I bother. Well, that and the occasional forum to rant. To you and yours, wishes for health, family and......okay......a little bit of materialism never hurt anybody, so hope you get what you wished for! I hope you stick around for 2007. Much love, FM, Mrs TenMiles and Cadence


Is the internet truly the saviour of music? What is creativity? Or is the illusion of 2006 more subversive than you ever could have imagined...... This has to be one of the better articles I've read in a long while. If you find yourself wondering if 21st century music is any better than it was a decade ago, or any more original, you should be reading this.

More damn squirrels......


Van Occupanther's generous frame flowed over the constraints of his recliner. A thin sheet of dust covered the bed to his far left, and though it was only a few paces from his current position of questionable comfort, the effort to reach it would kill him. His extremities seemed almost comical, afloat in an ocean of excess, but a quick glimpse of his dark eyes would freeze any hint of mirth like a dead bird in winter, eyes coloured with malice and trenchancy. Twistletwix sat on a small stool, gently manicuring the nails on Occupanther's right paw. His expression was precisely that of someone glad to be engaged in a task that appears mundane, yet pales in comparison to the horror of the preceding chore. As he began combing out the knotted fur, he stole a quick glance at the empty ablution buckets next to the front door. For a second, he allowed himself the luxury of a vision that involved sharp scissors and 'accidental' deaths, but he'd need a chainsaw to reach any of Occupanthers's vital organs. A chainsaw, and a pair of spit-shined steel balls.
He had neither.
"Twixie, dear......." Occupanther's voice oozed. Not like mud, or custard, but like puss from a festering wound. "Be a darling and fix me a drink."
Twistletwix obediently set down scissors and comb, and opened the small cabinet that doubled as Occupanther's footrest. He decanted a golden, pungent liquid into a tumbler, closed the cabinet door and brought the glass to Van's lips, allowing him three deep sips before taking it to the kitchen. By the time he returned, a strange rustling emanated from the now sleeping figure of Van Occupanther. He gathered his things, turned out the light, and left. Even the trees were now quiet, all that accompanied him home was the sound of his heart beating, each thump a step closer to change.
Sometimes you didn't need a chainsaw or balls of steel. Sometimes all you need was to leave a door unlocked, and someone else to do the job. ************** (with apologies to Midlake)

Necessity's bastard children......


Just following through with an idea I had this morning. There are certain inventions, or re-inventions, so ingenious, so insidious, so ludicrous, that I stand awe-struck by their sheer redundancy. I want to meet their creators, congratulate them on having so little faith in the intelligence of humanity.
I'm guessing there are others who can appreciate the magnificence of these inventions, so I thought why not create a meme, and let's find out just how many of us there are.
So, I'll start the list, and you continue it by posting the list and adding your own entry(ies). Please leave a comment if you've added something, so I can keep track of the list, and don't forget comment moderation is enabled, so your comment won't appear instantly.
Here goes.......
1. Patterned toilet paper. There's nothing quite like wiping your arse with little fluffy clouds or butterflies......



My fierce, bright love,
Tonight will most likely pass by in a flurry of soiled nappies, last-minute washing and much zombie-like meandering from room to room. From the splashing of tiny hands in bath water to the aggrieved moans as a certain little lady's bottle takes a minute longer than she's prepared to wait, a state of reflection will be one that we cannot afford. No relaxed flipping of photo albums, or the swapping of anecdotes over a candle-lit dinner. Instead, we'll gulp down take-aways as we wait for the microwave to finish sterilising bottles, before collapsing into bed far earlier than we ever thought possible, only to end up falling asleep an hour later because we can't stop talking. And you'll stroke my hair whilst I drift off, as you always do.
And no expensive dinner in a trendy restaurant could possibly give me as much joy as sharing these 'simple' things with you.
Happy Anniversary.
Loving you is like breathing.

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