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My fierce, bright love,
Tonight will most likely pass by in a flurry of soiled nappies, last-minute washing and much zombie-like meandering from room to room. From the splashing of tiny hands in bath water to the aggrieved moans as a certain little lady's bottle takes a minute longer than she's prepared to wait, a state of reflection will be one that we cannot afford. No relaxed flipping of photo albums, or the swapping of anecdotes over a candle-lit dinner. Instead, we'll gulp down take-aways as we wait for the microwave to finish sterilising bottles, before collapsing into bed far earlier than we ever thought possible, only to end up falling asleep an hour later because we can't stop talking. And you'll stroke my hair whilst I drift off, as you always do.
And no expensive dinner in a trendy restaurant could possibly give me as much joy as sharing these 'simple' things with you.
Happy Anniversary.
Loving you is like breathing.

4 Responses to “Tryst”

  1. Anonymous Parenthesis 

    Some of us spend our whole lives looking for exactly what you've just described.
    Hold onto them.
    Never let go.

  2. Anonymous LiVEwiRe 

    You are so very fortunate, and for that, I am incredibly happy for you my friend. Many wishes for continued bliss; the happiest to you both.

  3. Anonymous Lukewhatever 

    What?! And you've kept quiet all day! You two are perfct people and now you have a bundle of perfection to share it with. I hope you have SOME time to yourselves tonight ... wonderful, give my love to Mrs. TM hey?

  4. Anonymous Carl V. 

    I thought I left a comment here earlier, but here's another just in case:

    I wish you both the happiest of Anniversaries. Your plans for celebrating sound even more wonderful than a night out on the town. You've got a precious gift there and the time will quickly pass and she won't be a little bundle anymore. Taking time out as a couple to be adults is important, but spending time with your kids, especially when they are wee ones, can be magical.

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