Reversals of Fortune

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This has been a hard week for me. Work has been punctured by mini-upheavals and a sudden influx of business that has seen me burning the midnight oil, a feeling of claustrophobia only exacerbated by the equally sudden illness of a very close friend. Fortunately, he was moved from ICU to the general ward yesterday afternoon, but he will more than likely be on medication now for the rest of his life. We're hoping that the hospital releases him tomorrow, but there are still a few worrying factors, so I would appreciate your keeping him in mind. The fact that his wife is almost 20 weeks pregnant didn't help matters, but she truly is an immensely strong person. I don't know many people who would have coped as well as she has, although she says it was the baby who really helped her. Yet things could have been so much worse, and that relief is accompanied by the slow restoration of sanity in the workplace and the not too distant sound of the weekend approaching at full steam. And then yesterday, the fickle forces of chance led me toward a new and unexpected musical discovery, something which always changes my mood for the better. So this morning I thought it may further improve my disposition to have a question answered, if you feel so inclined. What happy accidents have you experienced lately? Oh, and if you're curious as to the band, well, that's my happy accident. You go find your own. ;~) Or you could just email me........

7 Responses to “Reversals of Fortune”

  1. Anonymous anne 

    No accidents at all. Considering the current position of planets in relation to my starsign, I guess this can be considered happy.

    OT - What's the deal with my name (FRQSTR=19023820x242895:1:10080|19023820|19023820|19023820|19023820) and website (FRQSTR=19023820x242895:1:10080|19023820|19023820|19023820|19023820)?

  2. Anonymous Fence 

    Hope your friend recovers.

    As for happy accidents... erm. I discovered that I really do like it when England lose. Despite the fact that I was kinda cheering for them. Until they lost, when I joined in with the rest of the family in celebration. Don't worry, its all good humoured English-dissing :)

    I've also got the perfect excuse not to go to a cousin's wedding. Which is great. I haven't talked to her in ten years or so, not that we fought or anything, just haven't seen her all since then. I have too many cousins. So although I got an invite I'm already busy that day so don't have to go.

    Nothing too happy-making, but a general sense of "everything's grand"

  3. Anonymous Nome 

    My happy accident was this old man and his philosophy.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he gets better soon. My thoughts are with him.

  4. Anonymous Carl V. 

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend, his wife, and their unborn child.

    Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang was my latest Happy Accident. Gonna do a review of it real soon.

  5. Anonymous Kelly Parra 

    So sorry about your friend, that has to be scary for everyone.

    Happy accidents...I don't really know any at the moment. Oh wait, it was a happy accident to come across another home to live in. I've been wanting to move for a long time, but I finally picked up the paper and enforced the decision. A much happier place. =)

  6. Anonymous Cheap Tart 

    Dear FM ... sorry to hear about your friend, many prayers sent his way. : )

    My happy accident was finding The Other Side of the Mountian ... which has led me to Katt & your blog. ; )

    BTW, please tell me the name of the band you mentioned in your note below ... or should I e-mail you to get the answer? Hmm, maybe you should start a contest like Kyknoord & make us guess.

    Have a great weekend!

    The Tart
    ; )

  7. Anonymous Cheap Tart 

    A happy accident will be if I can learn how to work this comment thingy! ; )

    All the best to your friend & his family.

    The Tart

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