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Fence tagged me, apparently for no reason other than that she could.

  • I am thinking about… whether the ease with which it is possible to make and record music, has left us in a decade where there will never be a band that shakes the foundation of the music it's built upon, as has occurred for the past 60 years.
  • I said… "Not today, thanks." On being asked if I wanted to play indoor soccer with some colleagues during lunch on one of the vacant floors in our building.
  • I want to… actually read all 6 of the books I borrowed from the library before the return date. This would be a substantial change from the norm.
  • I wish… for R20,000. Hey, winning the lotto would be great, but I figure if I wish for something a little less grandiose, there's a better chance it might happen. Besides, I wouldn't know what to do with millions, whereas R20,000..........
  • I hear… The Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land
  • I wonder… what we're going to deal with in antenatal classes tonight. And whether the instructor will break her current record of using the word 'f**k' 12 times in a session.
  • I regret… having eaten my last banana. I'm still hungry, it's an age until supper and the guy who sells junk food on the 7th floor must be putting 12 children through college for the amount he charges for a chocolate.
  • I am… trying to spend as much time possible answering this meme in the hope that the rather alarming pile of work to my left will somehow magically disappear.
  • I dance… rarely. To my wife's despair.
  • I sing… in the car. And sometimes backing vocals. But not in ages.
  • I cry… more than likely in about 6 weeks time.
  • I am not always… this good-looking.
  • I make with my hands… shadow creatures on the bedroom ceiling. Again, despairing wife.
  • I write… in the shower. Not with a water-proof pen or anything, but in my head. The idea for the novel I'm working on, the idea for Icarus Falls (hangs head in shame) and much of what makes an appearance here. Until the hot water runs out. Yep, you guessed it. Despairing wife.
  • I confuse… socks, rarely. Right from left, never. But pretty much everything else.
  • I need… A banana. Or R20,000. Or something to bribe the junk-food guy with. Like maybe a banana, or R20,000.
  • And finally… when you find yourself in the kitchen, with one foot on a counter, pregnancy guide in your left hand and your right hand attempting to indicate to your wife how one would massage the perineum, always ensure that the kitchen curtains are closed. This would negate all awkwardness the next time you bump in to your neighbour. And just for the record, I was clothed at the time. You bunch of sickos.
And I think I've done enough embarrassing for one day, so I won't tag anyone else.

10 Responses to “It's always about me.....”

  1. Anonymous NineMoons 

    Hee. Hee hee hee.

    I actually know what a perineum is! And I've never had a baby or been around for a baby birth or anything. I don't think I picked it up in Leaving Cert biology either. It frightens me to not know where this knowledge came from.

    And I assumed you were clothed. Mainly because I don't usually picture people I don't know naked. Except for Kelly.

  2. Anonymous kyknoord 

    How about a R20 000 banana?

  3. Anonymous Fence 

    So how much is R20,000 in real money then ;)

    I assumed you were clothed too, mainly because it makes it funnier.

  4. Anonymous Fence 

    Also you've been quoted here, and yesterday's as well

  5. Anonymous Carl V. 

    My wife and I talk about taking dance classes often and then the time slips by and we don't do it. We need to get off our butts this fall and just get it done. Everytime we watch movies that feature old-timey dancing (like Marilyn Hotchkiss again yesterday) we gaze in longing and wish we were dancing.

  6. Anonymous Nome 

    Haha. What an excellent and funny post! Hope your wife is doing well.

  7. Anonymous Luke Sometimes 

    Of course you are always that good-looking. Bananas are your friends.

  8. Anonymous Dolly 

    The last one really got me! ; ]

  9. Anonymous mysfit 

    you area fascinating bird, FM - i think you should add a waterproof pen and water proof paper to your list. i too am curious about R20,000 and a banana would be just lovely

  10. Anonymous barbedwire 

    Ahhh, so you write in the shower. I write and take pictures while driving. Despairing fellow motorists, etc.

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