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Saw Ninemoons, cursed for missing Fence's, and lastly saw that Alan had too. So I thought I might. Rules are as follows. Put your iPod (or variant thereof) on random play, then post the first line of the first 25 songs that pop up (discarding any really obvious ones where the title is in the first line, and only using the first one by each different artist), then everyone gets to guess what songs (and artists) they are. List is slightly edited, as there wouldn't be much point of listing completely obscure artists. The whole point is that you're supposed to get them, isn't it? So, here goes: 1. I hope that our few remaining friends give up on trying to save us 2. Who are you to wave your finger? 3. You are my sweetest downfall 4. Never stop the car on a drive in the dark 5. Everyone gather round now, sing us a song, just in case by tomorrow, it happens he's gone 6. Every time we do this, I fall for her 7. No one has said what the truth should be, and no one decided that I'd feel this way 8. Look at slow motion, asleep at the door 9. Why do I sense, benevolence (Alan's out of the blocks, with Skunk Anansie's Charity 10. We're rotten fruit, we're damaged goods (Alan again, Radiohead and Backdrifts 11. (love) love is a verb (Fence got Massive Attack's Teardrop 12. Hung up and bent on a stranger, just trying to swing a full-time ride 13. I felt the earth on Monday, it moved beneath my feet 14. She came all the way from America, she had a blind date with Destiny 15. With a wink from a starlet's eye, a string of pearls come to life 16. I'm gonna drink my whiskey, I'm gonna have my man, I know you got nothing to say 17. I hate to do this, but you're a pain in the neck (Cardboardjudas is right, Beck's Cancelled Cheque) 18. Do you recall its name as it suggested beck and call 19. [spoken] "Now let's you just drop them pants....." 20. My dewy-eyed Disney bride, what has tried swapping your blood with formaldehyde 21. Always looking for attention, always needs to be mentioned 22. Found a way to rid myself clean of pain and the fever that's been haunting me 23. Well it's about time, it's beginning to hurt 24. Are you, my lady, are you? 25. The more that we take, the paler we get Well then, have a go! (0h, and I've enabled comment moderation. Spam was becoming ridiculous)

10 Responses to “25 lines”

  1. Anonymous anne 

    yeah, well I'm just bad at this.

  2. Anonymous Alan 

    Okay, number 10 is by Radiohead and I think it's called "Backdrifting" but you can never tell with their title!

    Number 9 I think is Charity by Skunk Anansie, but I'd always thought that last word was Ambivalence rather than Benevolence.

  3. Anonymous Fence 

    11) Massive Attack - Teardrop (you do realise that I'm now going to humming that for the rest of the day.)

    I may be back later. Then again, I may not.

  4. Anonymous forgottenmachine 

    Anne - There should be at least one there that you might get

    Alan - If it makes you feel any better, I'd always thought it was ambivalence as well. But when checking this afternoon to make sure I had the right lyrics, it seems we were both wrong..

    Fence - I thought you might

  5. Anonymous cardboardjudas 

    Number 17 is Cancelled Check by Beck.
    that's all i know

  6. Anonymous anne 

    Is it #14 I should know? 'Cause I have a feeling I know it...

  7. Anonymous NineMoons 

    Aw, the only one I knew was Radiohead.

    I suck. You were so good at mine, I thought I'd at least have a chance with yours. :-(

    I didn't even get Beck and I LOVE Beck.

    At the end of August, right in the middle of my second attempt at the Most Important Exams of My Life (TM), I'm going to see Radiohead, supported by Beck at an outdoor gig in Dublin. It may be Heaven, except you don't have to die to go there.

  8. Anonymous Fence 

    20 is Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes
    I'm listening to it right now, although it was only the mention of formaldehyde that tickled my memory. I hadn't quite worked out what the first half of the opening lyric was.

  9. Anonymous Fence 

    You've been tagged

  10. Anonymous Jonathan 

    Do you know for sure that what you've reproduced are the opening lyrics for "Fake Palindromes," FM? Because I've been singing "dewy-eyed Disney bride," but only in my car, alone, and reasonably certain that no other drivers can read my lips.

    21. "Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning" - Morrissey

    What's been revealed of your music collection so far is every bit as commendable as your taste in films. I mean, you're listening to The Duke Spirit. I intend to marry Leila Moss. And I hope she treats me very, very badly.

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