Midnight Road

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Jason has been running another short fiction competition. My apologies, as I should have posted about it earlier, but I am quite sure he will run another one soon. There really are some startling, original, clever and well-written entries, so I suggest you take some time to read through them. For those curious, you can find my effort here.

2 Responses to “Midnight Road”

  1. Anonymous Fence 

    "it brings with it as much sound and fury as a murder of wingless crows"
    I love this line.

    The whole piece is great, but that line... great.

  2. Anonymous Nome 

    Your entry is very descriptive, which of course I like. Some of the imagery I had to read over again before I got it (the murder of wingless crows for instance), perhaps because it was intended as a double entendre? Or maybe because it is 2:00 am and I am sleepy.

    Either way, I liked it.

    Well done.

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