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I know pickings have been slim here of late, thanks for being patient. The next part of Icarus Falls is almost underway, but with exams looming dread on the horizon, things may be quiet here for a little longer. Thanks to a Friday Favourite for mentioning that I've been rather miserly with info concerning a certain arrival, so here's the latest: We went for our 22 week scan yesterday and it was incredible. The scan confirmed what we'd suspected for a while.........it's a girl! Her growth is on track, everything seems to fit where it should, and all fingers and toes are accounted for. Flaming 'eck! What happened to counting fingers and toes after after the birth!?!?! Modern technology, scary stuff. And my wife felt baby move for the first time on Saturday, and everyday since. It's still too early for me to feel anything, but to see the look of pure joy on my wife's face more then makes up for that. Besides, I'll get my chance soon enough. Hang on a sec.....wait just one minute.....a girl? Shopping? Dolls? BOYFRIENDS!?!?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. Anonymous Luke Sometimes 

    And ... you forgot the Most Important bit ... your BIRTHDAY ... geez. Have a groovy day, doll, have you checked your post box yet?

  2. Anonymous Fence 

    Came over to post a comment hinting that you should post stuff (hinting, insisting, its all the same), but look you've pre-empted my whining :)

    Happy Birthday, hope its a great one. And good luck in the exams/studying.

  3. Anonymous kyknoord 

    What's this about a birthday? Those cards seem to be tattooed to your chest, dude. One of the things you wrote puts me in mind of a 'Baby FAQ' I once saw:
    Q: When will my baby move?
    A: Not until she finishes college.

  4. Anonymous Kelly 

    It's your birthday? Happy day, friend! Oh, and also - I'll be here for advice, don't you worry. I'm already at the boyfriend stage with Torie... Dolls? Easy cheesy in comparison, but don't let that scare you.

    (much.) :o)

  5. Anonymous Carl V. 

    Congrats Machine! to your wife as well. That's great! I wanted a daughter very badly and was thankful that we struck gold on the first go round. Now she is almost 14 and I'm dreading all the future boyfriend stuff, etc. I remember all too well what I was like at that age and that scares me more than anything!!!

    Looking forward to continuing, occasional updates on the fam and of course tons o' pics when the little darling is born!

  6. Anonymous mysfit 

    HAPPY (admittedly belated) BIRTHDAY FM!! and congrats on the girl - any idea of names? (if that's not too forward)

  7. Anonymous transience 

    how cool that your baby moved! congratulations. and don't fret about the boyfriends if ever, they're still a long way off. ;)

  8. Anonymous banzai cat 

    Oy! Late as usual but just wanna say happy birthday!

    As for having a daughter, the joke among my friends that those among us who find out they're having daughters is... well, it's an apt punishment for their skirt-chasing days. Heh. But congrats still!

  9. Anonymous Leigh 

    Congratulations, Mr. Machine and Mrs. Machine on your baby girly! :-)
    I thought I would have a girl, and kept referring to him as her until the ultrasound revealed otherwise. :-) But he waved hello (fingers opening and closing) during that ultrasound and I totally absolutely adored him even if I had to put aside dreams of co-shopping and co-shrieking over cute boys.

  10. Anonymous Cheap Tart 

    Congrats on UR girl ! Oh, yes & there is so much to look forward to. : )

    The Tart

    Off to explore UR bloggy!

  11. Anonymous jenn see 

    hahahahahahahah...a girl.
    girls are scary.

    good luck...

  12. Anonymous the bee 

    Congratulations, FM. A girl huh, good luck with the theology on this one. :)

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