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Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since the last part of Icarus Falls, but with the power crisis facing the Western Cape and constant blackouts becoming part of everyday life, finding the time to get Part Six written and posted is proving troublesome. But I do have it finished in my head. Promise. So instead, I will attempt to placate you with the news that today we had our first ultrasound, at 13 weeks and 3 days. Baby is growing well, and the test for abnormalities and downes syndrome showed nothing to be concerned with. To see that tiny life in such detail for the first time, words can never be enough. But you know how they say when you fall in love, everything seems a little clearer, music even more powerful....almost as if you see how everything is connected..... Well, it's truer then I'd ever imagined.

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  1. Anonymous Kelly 

    Oh, I'm so happy for you... and very glad your baby's healthy! Do you want to know the gender? I didn't until our third, when I was desperate for a girl (which I got, whee!).

    Of course we CAN wait to hear more about Constance, though we don't want to. We want it, and we want it now. In case you're wondering, the "we" refers to our fellow bloggedies, as if I could presume to speak for them; not to "we" as in Queen Mother-speak ("we are not amused"). Just in case you thought I'd lost my mind completely. No, still only partially.

    But now I'm just blathering, and I have to go build furniture. Ooh, fun, dripping sarcasm. I'd rather lay in bed and read. =o)

  2. Anonymous Fence 

    Doing the dance of joy?
    Like Kelly I'm so happy for you, but unlike Kelly, my we just means me. I'm royal dontcha know ;)

    Congrats, again.

  3. Anonymous Kelly Parra 

    That's so wonderful and beautiful. I'm happy for both of you. And you're right, everything does become clearer once you have children. =)

  4. Anonymous LiVEwiRe 

    You, my friend, are going to make a wonderful father. Congrats.

  5. Anonymous kyknoord 

    I love the way they start to look like aliens as they develop.

  6. Anonymous jason evans 

    That first ultrasound is spectacular! Well, actually the second is too. I know you're enjoying it!

  7. Anonymous DreamingWolf 

    Congratulations!! May the enchantment of that life created, forever broaden and add joy to your's.

  8. Anonymous banzai cat 

    Well, I don't have children yet but I do admit feeling uneasy when I see my friends and family worrying about their pregnancies: will the baby be okay? What will we do if there's something wrong? And stuff like that...

    Congrats my friend. :-)

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