Bribery and corruption....

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No, this won't be a rant about the local elections (you may well get one of those tomorrow), this is in fact a rather superficial attempt at getting attention. Er....I mean....this is an awesome chance to win big! Following on from the 69 words challenge, I was rather disappointed to see nobody take up the challenge ('cept Fence, and forgive me if I missed anyone else). Why did JA Konrath receive such an avalanche of responses? Aha! Prizes!!! (it obviously has nothing to do with him being a damn good So, since I am not (yet) a published author....hey, stop giggling in the back there, it could happen! Where was I...oh offer needs to be a little different. So I came up with this: The winning 69 word story, as judged by me, will receive a unique 700 word story, hand-written and never to be printed or posted anywhere else, so that when I do make it big, you can sell it on Ebay for thousands. (Rupees? Yen?) Oh, and the accompanying soundtrack to the story. The catch? A winner can only be declared at a minimum of 20 entries. But you can enter more than once. Closing date? Ah....heck....I dunno. Saturday midnight GMT? Will this work? Does anybody care? Time will tell......... *****UPDATE****** Deadline extended to Monday 12pm GMT. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, I was seriously expecting around three stories.......

25 Responses to “Bribery and corruption....”

  1. Anonymous Faith Bicknell-Brown 

    Got a kick out of your post, lol.

    69 words... seems to me that there's a publication that publishes erotic stories of 69 words, but I can't recall which publication is is.

  2. Anonymous Onkroes 

    Okay, I'll have a go, I've written two, both dark, maybe not great, but first attempts rarely are. My next two comments are the two stories I've done so far. ok? (I was very tempted by the offer of a personal story! - Hey, bribery does work sometimes :-)

  3. Anonymous Onkroes 

    She lies on the ground breathing her last,
    blood flecked spittle spraying her face,
    he stands over her. knife in hand. panting.
    sweat on his brow. concentration in his eyes.

    A shout!
    Sudden fear, he looks up, ready to flee.
    Running, desperation lending speed.
    A shot!
    Flash in the twilight gloom.
    He falls to the ground, momentary triumph dying in his eyes
    as his blood escapes.
    to the ground.

  4. Anonymous Onkroes 

    No time now. Time now to leave here.
    I'm not afraid. Not afraid of the walk.
    They'll take me. Take me to the chamber of death.
    They'll inject me. Inject me with a lethal cocktail of drugs.

    I don't deserve. Don't deserve to live.
    I'm sorry. Sorry for the lives I took.
    I'm not afraid. Not afraid to die.
    I deserve. Deserve to die.
    I'm sorry. Mommy. I'm sorry.

  5. Anonymous Onkroes 

    And another one. I tried to be more upbeat and wanted to tell more of a story. So I wrote a very potted biography (with a bit of google research). It kind of works I think. Read on.....

    Born in Yamaguchi on 6th August 1945.
    Many of her family died that day. And more died three days later.
    Her parents died of radiation poisoning after spending days searching for relatives.

    Growing up raised by her grandmother she taught herself to draw manga.
    Pictorial stories helped her express her loss.
    Fame grew from 1982 when, as a self published housewife,
    her first manga paperback hit the bestseller list.

  6. Anonymous Fence 

    I'll have to make more of an effort now that there is a prize! The one I did was very much a spur of the moment sort of thing.

  7. Anonymous kyknoord 

    I'd love to participate, but I'm short of inspiration at the moment. Every time I try and apply my mind, I end up thinking about a cat sitting on a damned mat.

  8. Anonymous LiVEwiRe 

    Hey, uh... someone threatened me and told me I had to write something for this... know anything about that? So, here is my slightly twisted verion. You may get another, who knows...

    In my mind, thoughts of you rush.
    It seems I can't recall being
    separate from you; like we were always one.
    Forever. Isn't that what we used to call it?
    No beginning, no end, bound for eternity.
    Bound indeed.

    The sight of you still quickens my pulse...
    if you'd only stop straying from the crosshairs!

    I may have left your bed, but be assured -
    I'll never leave your head.

  9. Anonymous Luke Sometimes 

    Seems like you is getting a lot of poetry, dude. ??? I will have a bash - brevity is not one of my strong points but the 69 thing kinda got my attention ... me being a perv and all.

  10. Anonymous DreamingWolf 

    Watching the evening light dim through the blue green drapes, I drift in my thoughts and memories of her. I remember how the splash of her smile sent ripples of joy through my heart, and how the hurricane of our breakup ripped through my soul. And I notice that, even off Antiqua, the deep ocean water is cold as I exhale my final breath and slip into the black.


  11. Anonymous anne 

    I was blissfully alone in the middle of the lake when suddenly it dawned on me: what if… there was a shark? Nobody would hear me scream, I would die before anyone reacted. But I couldn’t die, I wasn’t even married yet! I couldn’t let a shark take my life when it still held so much promise – my life, not the shark. Quickly, I swam back to the lakeshore.

  12. Anonymous Kelly Parra 

    You're holding a flash contest and I didn't know??

    Okay, must think on this. I hope to be back!

  13. Anonymous C- 

    Here is my entry… delightfully uplifting!

    I have lost you… to the bottom of a somber grave… I sit there…trying to remember your face but mostly your voice…it’s so damn hard to remember your voice… so easy to feel the throbbing anguish… it leaves me raw every time…. you were there always… no more…not today or ever… it’s blurry now… you lie at the bottom of the gave looking up, while I am looking down.

  14. Anonymous C- 

    Darn...I guess my flippin' computer can't count to 69! I guess I am out of the running now! I'll just go cry in a little corner over there!

  15. Anonymous C- 

    Darn! this flippin' computer can't even count to 69! I guess that means that I am out of the running!... in that case I'll just go cry in that little corner over there!

  16. Anonymous Kelly Parra 

    The's everything.

    I type, fingertips tapping keyboard. Visions enfold in my mind.

    Stop writing, I stop living.

    The pain, emotion, all inside me. Heart pounding. Blood rushing in my ears. Almost finished.

    Must. Get. To. End.


    Breaths even out. My mind clears in the quiet of the room.

    And it begins again. The scene behind my eyes.

    Pupils contract, fingers poised above keyboard.

    Story. Must tell story...

  17. Anonymous suzanna danna 

    Shuddering as she leaned against the brick wall, she looked around the corner and gasped. She pressed herself further into the rough material of the mortar and ACME and prayed that she wouldn’t be spotted by the exiting crowd. Would they see her? There was no way she would recover from the embarrassment of what just happened. A loud fart in a movie theater will never, ever go unnoticed.

  18. Anonymous DreamingWolf 

    Four years into our relationship and I've fallen in love with another girl. I swore it wouldn't happen, but it did. How do I explain to Steph about Sarah? I still love Steph, but Sarah just reached out and stole my heart the first time I laid eyes on her....What a wonderful predicament I had to face as I looked into the eyes of my newborn second daughter.


  19. Anonymous NineMoons 

    We deluded ourselves that they would never be like all those other couples who slipped into humdrum suburban relationships. That our lives would be more than Football Focus and arguments in Homebase. I wish we hadn’t been wrong. But he still brings me breakfast in bed and I still give him the biggest piece of steak. So maybe we’re not that bad after all. Maybe, for us, that’s romance.

  20. Anonymous Fence 

    A-ha, extended deadline means I get a go.

    Still raining. Mark watched those grey skies with no hope of spotting the sun. No hint of blue. He looked nontheless.

    Everywhere the sky was filled with the one grey cloud. Everywhere the rain fell. Nonstop. So soft you wouldn't feel anything, not til a gust of wind whipped water in your face. But always falling. Had been falling for four years now. Bloody long-term low-grade psychological weather warfare.

  21. Anonymous Kerry 

    Interesting exercise, I'll giver a go! :)

    The man in the shamrock pajama pants was totally out-of-his-head drunk, although the redness of his nose likely had more to do with a mild dermatological condition then to excess. Its hard to explain why he hadn't been kicked out of the pub yet. Granted, the crowd was fierce, but considering his position on the table you'd think someone would want to take care of that.

  22. Anonymous suzanna danna 

    One more for me too:

    Searching amongst the dusty files and old photos that were stuck together with age, Paul found a picture of himself as he rarely remembered being… happy. The smiling faces around his own belonged to his team, his comrades, they who went through boot camp along side him. He missed the structure and knowing what was coming and what was expected of him when the dawn horn woke him daily.

  23. Anonymous vampran 

    The clambering dishes from our favorite diner, black coffee and the smoke swirling from the clove cigarettes of our miserable youth, what an unfortunate backdrop.
    Your thick mascara starting to run before the words can escape my trebling lips.
    How does one approach this arduous task of saying goodbye?
    I blow a smoke ring into the tense air, it’s inappropriate, but so is my leaving you for your sister.

  24. Anonymous Luke Sometimes 

    Er, sorry, I missed the boat and I ended up posting these on my blog, cos I don't do instructions too good ... so here's two for the price of one.

    Appropriately, the day was melancholy. Bone-grey clouds mumbled forlorn in a dreary sky. Everywhere was damp, oppressive morbidity, hanging over the landscape like a death shroud, suffocating bright hope and optimistic bird song. Determined, she climbed the cliff face, clinging to the cold rock with broken fingernails and shattered dreams. She reached the place finally and overcome with a dizzy, welcome craziness, pushed off, plunging headlong into the unknown.

    It is effortless easy to centre the essence of you in my imagination. You speak to my soul of emotions and world views comprehensible to me, punctuating each eager correspondence with droplets of carefully released information. Slowly, I piece together your environment, furnishing the fantasy, until it is a living, breathing reality, a parallel universe. You give me abundant illusion and know that is all I will ever need.

  25. Anonymous banzai cat 

    Er... but I still owe you a story for Fence's challenge! :-(

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