And the winner is......

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Thanks everyone for taking part, what a great response! I think I'll have to make competitions a regular occurence at Ten Miles....... But at the same time, I'm regretting having done this, as now I'm left with the god-forsaken task of picking a winner. With no hair left in my head, I still could not decide between two stories, so I've been left with no choice but to declare two winners. **** "Still raining. Mark watched those grey skies with no hope of spotting the sun. No hint of blue. He looked nonetheless. Everywhere the sky was filled with the one grey cloud. Everywhere the rain fell. Nonstop. So soft you wouldn't feel anything, not til a gust of wind whipped water in your face. But always falling. Had been falling for four years now. Bloody long-term low-grade psychological weather warfare." by Fence **** The clambering dishes from our favorite diner, black coffee and the smoke swirling from the clove cigarettes of our miserable youth, what an unfortunate backdrop. Your thick mascara starting to run before the words can escape my trembling lips. How does one approach this arduous task of saying goodbye? I blow a smoke ring into the tense air; it’s inappropriate, but so is my leaving you for your sister. by Vamprun **** So, if the two of you would be so kind as to pass on your mailing details to, your prizes will be sent asap.

6 Responses to “And the winner is......”

  1. Anonymous Fence 

    I'm not quite sure how you arrived at this conclusion, but, muchos gracias. And I really enjoyed reading all the other entries.

    W00t! and such utterances of celebration.

    But seriously I'd like to thank the Academy. All the actors... Mom... Dad. You guys..... not forgetting god.... the devil. You dawg Lucider you! Without them, you know.... it'd be... it is tough... and to.... is that the music playing? Already.... hang on! I haven't even made a quasi-political point yet. Damn you, you'll never shut m----

  2. Anonymous Kelly 

    Fence darling! You won a contest! Who needs that stupid Irish Blog trophy when you get something unbelievably wonderful from FM! (Does that put the pressure on, FM?)


  3. Anonymous Carl V. 

    Congrats to you both! And I don't envy you having to pick a winner...that kind of stuff is never fun. Hopefully I'll get off my lazy butt and participate next time!

  4. Anonymous Kelly Parra 

    My gosh, those are both wonderful. Good picks, FM!

  5. Anonymous NineMoons 

    Meh. I think mine was better... No, no, not really. But I preferred Fence's hilarious Johnny Logan story. But I guess it doesn't make sense outside Ireland.

  6. Anonymous LiVEwiRe 

    How I skipped this post is beyond me... congrats to you both!!!!

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