Holy Encephedigital Conversions, Batman....

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Going through my stats this afternoon, I noticed a few visits from the SA Blog Awards. Strange, I thought to myself, and clicked through to bring my confusion to an end. Imagine my surprise when nestled under Best writing on a South African blog, I find the words Ten Miles. Hey! Someone stole my blog title! And then slowly I begin to understand.... How the hell did that happen!?!?!?!?!?!?! Anyway, the Chitster and Kyknoord are both there as well, so please go and vote for them. I know it's a relatively small competition, so one nomination could have seen me there, but I know there were more of you, so I demand an explanation! Now! And if you're wondering, yes, this is just a ruse to get you to vote for me instead of anyone else. You were smart enough to work that out, so you're obviously smart enough to know who to vote for..........

14 Responses to “Holy Encephedigital Conversions, Batman....”

  1. Anonymous Fence 

    I knew there was something I meant to do. I've a draft saved nominating you, so it wasn't me. Sorry.

    But I have gone and voted. Figured I'd better before I procrastinated too long and forgot.

  2. Anonymous jenn see 

    tweren't me.
    but i will go vote now like a good little girl...

  3. Anonymous jason evans 

    Congrats, FM! Well deserved.

  4. Anonymous Jugular Bean 

    They have blog awards?
    And you've changed your site design as well.

  5. Anonymous kyknoord 

    Hah! Told you :)

  6. Anonymous Kelly 

    Done and done! It wasn't me who nominated you, though you well deserve the honor, of course. Frankly, I'm still nursing my pain at not being nominated for the Irish blog awards. I wasn't on the South African ones, either. This is really distressing.

    I hope you win, like, a million dollars. Seriously.

  7. Anonymous forgottenmachine 

    Fence - If you win and I win, where shall we celebrate? ;~)

    Jenn See - Good girl?

    Jason - Good man. Twixie the hamster is unharmed and I will provide details of her location once I have verified your vote.

    JB - Yep, blog awards. Now if we could only get a handle on this electricity business....

    KN - Yes, yes. No one likes a know-it-all. My turn for chocolate muffins?

    Kells Bells - Don't worry. My source at the SMI (Slovakian Ministry of Information) tells me that you're a shoe in for their annual awards in April.....

  8. Anonymous Kelly Parra 

    FM, I am truly distressed my old browser cannot read your new template--although it looks fabulous! ;) And I can only read the comments. However I see congrats are in order, so I give you mine!!

  9. Anonymous chitty 

    Subtle... hehehe.

  10. Anonymous Luke Sometimes 

    If you don't win, can I organise an airborn strike?

  11. Anonymous Carl V. 

    All taken care of.....was I supposed to vote for you? DOH!!! ;)

  12. Anonymous LiVEwiRe 

    Interesting... someone else with the name Ten Miles... perhaps I should check it out?... =) Happy to say I've done some voting. Will I say for who? Never. NEVER I tell you!

  13. Anonymous banzai cat 

    Bravo! Am voting right now.

    Hmmm, a darker look? Is this the advent of the darker forgottenmachine?

  14. Anonymous Shesawriter 

    I must be an idiot because I've been coming to your blog for the past week and couldn't figure out how to comment. I thought you had them turned off! LOL Yeah, I know. I'm dense. Forgive me.


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