Better late than never....

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11 Responses to “Better late than never....”

  1. Anonymous forgottenmachine 


  2. Anonymous Fence 


  3. Anonymous LiVEwiRe 

    I absolutely love the new look; excellent representation. It definitely suits you better. And by the way, I did make my thoughts know to the powers that be for the SA Blog Awards; I can't tell which blog(s) I included... it's a secret... ;)

  4. Anonymous forgottenmachine 


  5. Anonymous kyknoord 

    Apart from the excess of colour, I like it.

  6. Anonymous forgottenmachine 

    KN - Yes, it is a veritable cornucopia of chromatic wealth. I simply detest those pseudo-weirdos who lavish their blogs with a superabundance of black in an attempt to denote a darker slant to their personalities.......

  7. Anonymous Luke Sometimes 

    Ooh you've gone all GOFF ... :) and I can make my comments BOLD
    Ooooo and there's choons ...
    Hell ... you're licensed
    Erm and I'm no longer a contributor and my blog is called erm ... Lekker Kwai Kiff ... er.
    But don't worry SpongeBob I still wuvs ya.

  8. Anonymous anne 

    Looks fantastic!

    Maybe the font on your posts is a bit too small for my short-sighted and aged eyes, but I guess your target audience is the young and hip*, yes...?

    * That could be construed as a pun on hip replacement, but it isn't.

  9. Anonymous Carl V. 

    I likes it! A lot!

  10. Anonymous chitty 

    Ek laaik'it sommer a lot.
    For a second I thought I had "landed" on someone else's site.

  11. Anonymous Shesawriter 


    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. I love how you've designed yours!


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