For relaxing times........

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Another mixed bag. If you don't know the rules, check here. 1 thefirst 2 thesecond 3 thethird 4 the fourth 5 the fifth 6 the sixth 7 the seventh 8 the eighth 9 the ninth 10 the tenth

14 Responses to “For relaxing times........”

  1. Blogger Fence 

    Don't really have time to inspect properly, but on initial glances I only recognise two, maybe:
    2 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    7 - Donnie Darko

  2. Blogger Fence 

    Okay, I'm back.

    3 - Monthy Python and the Holy Grail
    5 - Fargo?
    6 - In America

  3. Blogger mysfit 

    there certainly are more of these that i should know - but until i recall:

    3)The Professional
    8)High Fidelity

  4. Blogger mysfit 

    wait wait - is #6 from Devil's Advocate?

  5. Blogger anne 

    2-Eternal Sunshine
    4-Leon (whatever the title... oh yes, thanks Mysfit)
    6-The Interpreter?

    And I'm hanging my head in shame about the Robert Mitchum picture.

  6. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    4 & 5 are two of my favorites. Well, that is if they are The Professional and Fargo. Otherwise, who knows. I suck at this, yet you taunt me, boy.

  7. Anonymous Jonathan 

    A chance TV encounter has equipped me to provide:

    1. The First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest

    Given my almost pathological aversion to Jake Busey, though, I didn't linger. But given your previously revealed taste in films, FM, perhaps I ought to've.

    mysfit and anne: number 6. is, as Fence has already mentioned, "In America".

  8. Anonymous Jonathan 


    9. "Dead Man"

    Segue: apparently "Broken Flowers" is some kind of mainstream breakthrough for Jarmusch. Anyone seen it? I missed the recent World Cinema Festival because two really inconsiderate friends decided to get married in the Drakensberg and expected my presence for a week-plus-long period that neatly encompassed the entire festival.

    "Broken Flowers" is mercifully opening at the Labia on Thursday, though.

  9. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    It's always a very fine line between too easy and too obscure. I seem to have erred on the side of too easy.

    Well, either that or you're all just really smart.

    Nah, must just be too easy ;~)

    And Jonathan, you did not disappoint. Kudos for The First $20 and Dead Man, your aversion to Jake Busey is completely understood and the film in question is not worth breaking such a valid oath over.
    The Labia, you say? On Thursday? (furious pencil scribbling in diary)

    (if I kept a diary)

    And, I notice that no.10 remains unanswered? =)

  10. Blogger Fence 

    Still don't know #10, this is just to inform a Mr. F Machine that he has been memed

  11. Blogger Carl V. 

    ffMerry Christmas Machine and Luke!

  12. Blogger banzai cat 

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, FM!

    (Um, no more updates?)

  13. Anonymous Jonathan 

    Any chance we might have the title for the Kubrick-does-Alice-in-Wonderland evoking tenth film, FM?

  14. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    Drop me a line at and I shall reveal all.

    Good to hear from you!

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