Picket Fences......

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A meme stolen from Pretty Cunning. 1. Pick 10-20 films you loved/thoroughly enjoyed. 2. Find screen captures (stills) for each film. If you can’t find a still, pick a new movie. 3. Post the pictures with the rules; let your readers guess from what movie each still is 4. NO GOOGLING! This includes using IMDB if you recognise an actor Okay then, a mixed bag.......... 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10

23 Responses to “Picket Fences......”

  1. Blogger anne 

    It seems unfair to give all the titles when no one has had a chance to suss them out. So I won't..........................

  2. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    Also seems unfair to the idiots who rarely go to movies...{ahem}... =)

  3. Blogger anne 

    Yeah well. You know. (cough in factcough... you know... I may have cough exaggerated cough a little)

  4. Blogger Fence 

    Looks like you've flummoxed us all (don't you love that word? Well I do, even if I'm not sure how to spell it)

    Anyways, my guesses:
    1 - I do know this one. It looks so familar to me, but I haven't a clue what the film is. So I suppose I don't actually know what it is.

    2 - Not sure of the title, Station Agent or something. Has a dwarf-dude inheriting some train station thing. And the actor who played Bobby in Third Watch?

    3 - Not a clue.

    4 - That looks like yer man from Neighbours :) so I'll guess Momento (great film)

    5 - Thats just unfair. Could be anything.

    6, 8,9,10 - don't know

    7 - This is another one that I think I should know. Looks very familar, I may be kicking myself when you reveal all.

  5. Blogger mysfit 

    hey wth - i'll give it a shot

    1. no idea
    2. not a clue
    3. hedwig and the agry inch
    4. memento
    6. i left #5 blank because i'm ashamed i can't remember the title and for this one, i'm just clueless
    7. darkcity
    8. i want it to be a zatoichi movie, but i know it's not - maybe zoro?
    9. ummm, damn this is familliar... i'm already kicking myself
    10. pi

  6. Blogger kyknoord 

    It's a trick - they're ALL from 'Panic Mechanic'. Can't fool us.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Of the stills that haven't been identified yet:

    5. "Blade Runner" (The Director's Cut. Oh yes, it's obvious from the grading and the composition. Deckard is a Replicant, does everyone know?)
    8. "Seven Samurai"?
    9. This might be "Wings of Honneamise", but I'm not sure there were zeppelins. And if there were, that they were yellow.

    Number 1. remains frustratingly just beyond recall, and number 6. looks like it should be from a spoof of a zombie film, but I've no idea what it's actually taken from.

  8. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    Will hold off on the answers for the moment, as there still seems to be some interest, but just to recap.

    1 - Not yet known
    2 - The Station Agent
    3 - Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    4 - Memento
    5 - Blade Runner
    6 - Not yet known
    7 - Dark City
    8 - Not Seven Samurai, but good guess
    9 - Not yet known
    10 - Pi (Kudos mysfit!!)

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Bugger, yes. Staying with Kurosawa, and with the "good guess" encouragement:

    8. "Rashomon"

  10. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    And nobody gets the last few answers 'til Anonymous identifies themselves......what do you all reckon?


  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Oh, introductions, yes. Such perplexing and distracting film-identifying games lead to rudeness. But, see, it won't help. I don't have a Blogger profile and I'm pretty sure no one else on the site knows me, although we do share geography, in as much as you'll allow the city bowl to be coterminous with what I imagine is... Muizenberg? For what it's worth, my name's Jonathan.

    Oh, and:

    1. "City of Lost Children"?

  12. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    Anonymous - well, that may well be the case, but anyone who can identify Rashomon and City of Lost Children deserves to be introduced. So, for what its worth, welcome Jonathan.

    And you do realise there is a certain expectation that you will get the last two?

  13. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint that expectation.

    Regarding 6., other than a) the film being clearly British, and b) the gurning through-the-window actor being tantalisingly familiar... I'm at a complete loss.

    As for 9., there's something vaguely Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli about it, but really I'm just reaching. And it's quite frustrating.

  14. Blogger mysfit 

    (mysfit is disgusted with herself) i can't believe i missed both bladerunner and city of lost children. i have them both. damn damn damn

    oh and hi jonathan - thanks for straigtening me out - i will now go sit in a closet and good movieas as my punishment

    just going off of jonathan's (perhaps off-the mark) suggestions - i'm gonna throw our 8.shawn of the dead (though i think it's wrong)

  15. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    No.6 is not a zombie film. It is a film for which the director paid a heavy pryce............

  16. Blogger mysfit 

    oops your right, i meant 6. and FM that's aweful...

  17. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    I know, you're right. That was pretty Grimm............

  18. Anonymous Jonathan 

    I readily admit that there's no such thing as a bad pun, per se, but my god, those were cringe-worthy. So well done.

    Right. My namesake. Jonathan Pryce. OK, yes, and with the Terry Gilliam clue... well, did they do anything together other than "Brazil"? I can't think of anything, but I also don't remember that scene from "Brazil". Which I perhaps need to watch again.

    So, then, tentatively:

    6. "Brazil"

  19. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    Thanks, I was aiming for the 'wince' effect.

    And yes, Brazil is quite correct.

    And yes, you should watch it again

    And, as a matter of curiousity, how came you to Ten Miles?

    Oh, and since no.9 appears to be just out of reach, it is in fact:
    Kidô keisatsu patorebâ, or Pat Labor 2

  20. Anonymous Jonathan 

    I've not seen the second "Patlabor" movie, so that explains that. Ahem. Notwithstanding my inability to recognise a scene from a movie that I have seen... "Brazil"-rewatching scheduled for this week.

    How did I find my way here? I realised that I was reading predominantly non-South African blogs, and figured I should correct that. Blogwise gave me a list of SA-identifying sites, one of which was The Other Side Of The Mountain, and from there it was a short click to here. (Pedestrian, I know, but I'm not at my most mythopoeic on a Monday morning.)

    By the way, now that the picket fences challenge is over, I've cheated and consulted IMDb, and Gilliam and Pryce have collaborated three times: once prior to "Brazil", both younger, on "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", and again, both older, wider and, at least for Gilliam, more jowly, on the pun-providing "The Brothers Grimm".

  21. Blogger mysfit 

    i don't remember that scene from brazil either - seems too modern for that strange picture (Braziiilll Braaazziiillll) - i like the meme FM, you have great taste in movies.

  22. Blogger Fence 

    I've not seen Brazil so I can fogive myself on that one. And I've only seen Blade Runner once. Most of the films I have seen are fairly recent seeing as I don't really borrow videos/dvds any more because the kino is so much cheaper for me.

    Something to rectify perhaps.

    kzsfvatj - Dracula sneezing

  23. Blogger mysfit 

    fense - you may be able to forgive yourself for not seeing brazil, but i can't - now get your little butt to the video store and enjoy the gillian insanity!

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