A forest

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a forest

9 Responses to “A forest”

  1. Blogger jason evans 

    Bravo, Forgotten Machine! Great imagery and metaphor.

  2. Blogger anne 


  3. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    This is. Well, it just *is*... And what of it's inspiration? Chills.

  4. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    Good Lord! Is it even possible for you to ever write something average?

  5. Blogger kyknoord 

    It makes me ache.

  6. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    A day or two later and I'm back... each time I read it I pick up something new. Remarkable.

  7. Blogger Kelly 

    You have such a gift for creating word pictures. Each sentence follows the rhythm of your message, and not one word is wasted. Very powerful, FM. You really are an exceptional writer. I love the darkness that lurks underneath, too. That's what makes what you write so interesting.

  8. Blogger Fence 

    Can I just repeat what Anne said; wow!

    I glanced through this last night, decided I'd have to come back to it once I woke up a bit :)

    Loved the idea of the twigs being an applause, and sarcastic applause at that, even better.

  9. Blogger jenn see 

    like the half-images of a weird dream, one of the sort that lingers through the morning & seems impossible to be without significance.

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