Violent ... my ass.

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So the Violent Femmes are coming to play in Jo’burg at the beginning of November. Whoopy dah for us, hey? FM and I were having a chat about this today and I absolutely dig this remark of his: “why is SA like the retirement complex of world music? Haven't toured or recorded anything for a decade? Re-ignite your international career! Come to SA!” This observation is so spot on - all we get are the has beens or no hopers. The Femmes were “bursting with curiosity” when I spoke to Brian Ritchie back in July ’94 … some people’s concept of bursting aint the same as mine. July 1994! This is the article as it appeared in the Saturday Star back then: In that same year, I must have interviewed or done profile/hack pieces on over a hundred different “alternative” music acts that were all seemingly raring to jump at the opportunity to come to South Africa. What happens though, is they all wait until their fortunes are waning or they are on the artistic scrap heap and nobody is interested in them anymore, then “Hello!” out of the corner steps a desperate and musically ignorant South African promoter, who is willing to flash a couple of bucks up their nose and Simsalabim they are here and aren’t we so lucky?! Fuck off. (Sorry to swear on FM’s blog, I’ll wash my mouth out with soap and water later). I could rant on about this for half a century – I practically have done – considering I’ve been banging this same old drum for nigh on thirty years. I just know Ministry will eventually hit Jo’burg, it’s just a question of time …. Ho hum … and I’ll probably be in a retirement village of my own by then,

6 Responses to “Violent ... my ass.”

  1. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    So all we get is that lousy picture??

    Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty keen to read that interview...........

  2. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    But look at it this way, there's a chance they'll be in the same retirement village and you'll get your concert anyway! Perhaps between a nap and shuffleboard.

  3. Blogger Luke 

    fm: Hmmm ... thinks about that.
    Livewire: Hee hee ... now THAT is something to look forward to! :)

  4. Blogger kyknoord 

    Try to think of it as a 'last chance to see' type of thing. Sort of like getting to see the giant panda before it becomes extinct.

  5. Blogger banzai cat 

    So, did the Violent Femmes bring their canes? :-D

  6. Blogger Shaun 

    The Femmes have been here before a number of years ago, they only played one gig, which was a private function on a sunday night in cape Town. These were monthly parties, the following month Bush played. Sadly, the parties stopped after the Smashing Pumpkins played at my 34th birthday party, their second last performance before Zwan....

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