Our happiest days slowly begin to turn into dust....

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I have never felt the sun on my back like this before. How can anything live beneath a gaze this unforgiving? I'd hoped the heat would sear through me, spear-like, gifting an end to this numbness that I have been feeling for days. But I still feel so cold. That word is strange, the meaning of it hidden from me for so long, yet now apparent and as inescapable as this ocean. Cold, arctic, bleak, frore.
Why have you abandoned me? Left me to feel that which goes against my nature? It is not the separation that has left me stranded, you have often journeyed thousands of miles away. But the current would always bring to me the sound of your heartbeat, a sound as old as the earth itself, a cadence I thought eternal.
I know you would not leave me of your own free will, I am as sure of that as I am of what I do now. But you have still left me; I can no longer sing for you.
I will lie here in this strangeness, unmoved. I can feel the sun still blazing, yet why does it grow darker? No matter, at least that word still hides its meaning from me. Darkness, twilight, eclipse, obscurity.
I am coming, my love. Together we shall swim the last of the hidden oceans.
This Southern Right whale was killed by local police, after having been stranded since Tuesday. Some said it had made a navigational error, others that it had been sick. Scientists and oceanographers are still at a loss to account for this tragic phenomenon.

8 Responses to “Our happiest days slowly begin to turn into dust....”

  1. Blogger Luke 

    If we could but understand these magnificent creatures, what untold secrets would we discover about this world of ours, hey?

  2. Blogger Gone Away 

    That's so beautiful and so sad

  3. Blogger anne 

    So beautiful and so very moving. Not sure "thank you" is in order, but hey. Thank you.

  4. Blogger Fence 

    Thats very evocative. Sad though. reminds me of that scene in Whale Rider where all the whales beach

  5. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    You certainly have a way of grabbing at the heart with your words. Reading this made it a little hard to breathe - remember, I'm the girl that aims to rescue all the worms by peeling them off the sidewalk after the rain starts to dry.

  6. Blogger Carl V. 

    Very moving and also very tragic. It is truly sad that things like this happen.

  7. Blogger ADAMANT 

    It's so sad when that happens. I wish we knew more about why - it would make helping a lot easier.

  8. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    That made the hair on my arm stand on end.

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