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A delightful Parisian said something to me today which struck a chord.... "some weird, lurking, voyeuristic kind of pure, platonic, family-like love. The family we would all want."

This was said when referring to the relationship between blogwriters and blogreaders. So your homework for this weekend is to write a two hundred word post on what you make of this statement.... ....Or you could just mention a quick word in the comments. =) Hey, it could be worse. I could write a two hundred word post on my platonic love for you all........

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  1. Blogger Gone Away 

    I think there's some truth in the statement, particularly in the latter bit about a family we would all want. Generally we would all want a family that's supportive, that loves us (in a platonic way of course, otherwise it's incest!), in a pure way (i.e. Not self-interested).

    The pure love that a child gives to it's parent is particularly attractive because it's a love that demands nothing but gives all (that's not to say that the child demands nothing of course, but the way they love is like that – at least while a babe in arms). And we all want a love like that – nobody wants a relationship with someone who is only (or mostly) interested in themselves and their own interests. Like many people I've been there and it sucks!

    The other part of the statement above; “weird, lurking and voyeuristic”, however is not something most of us want (I'd have thought).

    Weird: Well, yes, I mean, if you like strange things, foreign things. Okay I can identify with that, I like strange things and different people and places.

    Lurking and Voyeuristic: Hmmmm, can't really imagine someone wanting a lurker, and I think you'd have to be a little twisted to get-off on someone viewing you voyeuristically.

    I can see how it all applies to bloggers though – but the buzz from blogging is more from the communication you get from your readers (which by definition makes them not voyeurs I'd have thought), rather than from the thought of lots of people silently slipping in and out of your blog and never commenting.

    No, I don't think I want a family like that. Pure, platonic, family-like, and maybe weird – yes. But I don't want lurkers thinking their secret thoughts and never ever communicating with me. That's just creepy.

    Oh, wait.... my actual family's like that! Oh damn.

  2. Blogger Luke 

    Feel the love, I say ... feel the love. Whichever way you get it. (in my case) :)
    I have lots of lurkers ... does that mean I have a problem, or are they all scared of me? I is now worried.

  3. Blogger arthur decko 

    i agree with the parisian...it is an interesting relationship. freinds are god's way of making up for the family you have (unless you are good with your family, which seems to be rare). it is indeed lurking, slightly wierd, totally voyeuristic...really, the parisian hit it dead on...

  4. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    I do agree with a part of it. For me, the difference is that I still get to say (write) what I want to say, but listening (reading) is always optional. Sometimes I think it is better than traditional relationships because everyone is involved because they want to be, not out of obligation.

    Then again, my real family is a bunch of weirdos, so maybe that's not a fair thing to base it on. I just know that I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon so many fine people. Some of which have moved on to become quite special to me.

  5. Blogger Fence 

    Well I don't think all blogreaders are the family I want. Then again, the ones I'm talking about, those evil comment spammers probably don't really read the blog so maybe they don't qualify?

  6. Blogger banzai cat 

    Hmmm... all the family fun without the dysfunctionality?

    Oh wait...

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