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To my sister and her new fiancé, congratulations on your recent engagement. You are the purest soul I know and there is no other deserving of a life unconstrained and shot through with passion and joy. I hope you see in him the things you never knew you always needed and the potential to expand your horizons, not contain them.

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  1. Blogger anne 

    Félicitations ! May you always look so happy and peaceful as on the picture.

  2. Blogger Fence 

    Well if Anne used French ;) I'm gonna use Irish: comhghairdeas, but I'm giving no hints as to how you pronounce it.

    And yes, I know felicitations is used in English too

  3. Blogger Luke 

    I hope she sees this and I hope you get to go for coffee ... soon. She is lucky to have a brother like you.

  4. Blogger Carl V. 

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! :)

  5. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    What a beautifully kind thing to write. She must be so happy having a big brother like you watching over her happiness.

  6. Blogger Beelzebabe 

    what a happy couple they make, well suited to each other. Blessings and many years of happiness ahead :-)

  7. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    awww they look so cute together!

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