Episode Nine: Tweedledum & Tweedledee

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8 Responses to “Episode Nine: Tweedledum & Tweedledee”

  1. Blogger Fence 


  2. Blogger cardboardjudas 

    the plot thickens...

    i just realized there IS a plot.

    ok not really

  3. Blogger anne 

    What, you were kind enough to give them a lift, and they dump you out in the middle of nowhere when nature calls? Sheesh.

  4. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    I promise to come back and leave a comment just as soon as I stop laughing hyterically. And the tears clear from my eyes... bwaahahahahaha!!!

  5. Blogger Luke 

    Typical ... you didn't even wait til you could find a bloody TREE!! God, serves you right.

  6. Blogger Phil 

    I'm confused.

  7. Blogger jenn see 

    it's hard to tell which tweedle is which.

  8. Blogger kyknoord 

    On the plus side, at least it wasn't one of those There's Something About Mary moments.

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