Invasion of the Lukes

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Hey, check it out! I’m a “contributor”. Sweet. I don’t know what I will contribute other than chaos and mindless meanderings and I will be very careful not to use too many swear words, cos that will bring the tone down and I don’t want to be accused of polluting Mr. Machine’s sanctuary in any way. So if his regular readers are irritated by me being here, please tell him (privately in email of course) and then he’ll tell me privately in email (naturally) and I’ll sulk. But I will try my very best to be on my best behaviour. So now I’ve got somewhere to sprout off and mumble along. Thanks dude. Cape Town people are just so laid back and cool with everything. (I'll accept a cheque, FM)

4 Responses to “Invasion of the Lukes”

  1. Blogger anne 

    Welcome (back)!

  2. Blogger jenn see 

    multi-character blogging is excellent stuff, & unless you've got the right kind of disorder, other people are the way to go.

    tho, i think people visiting my fish have only recently realized that there's more than one of us.
    before that it probably did seem like multiple personalities.
    which, i s'pose, technically, we are.

  3. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    Good to see you again, Lucretia! Nice of FM to share his toys with you... =)

  4. Blogger Carl V. 

    Welcome Luke!

    And Jenn See, we know Mysfit and Old Ben are alternate can't fool us! ;)

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