Getting carried away.....

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It's late, I'm sitting around at work waiting for infinite processes to finish. So, without the express permission of those involved, for which I do apologise but will carry on anyway, I'd like to present: Friends of the City, Googlism(ised).

lucretia is the new goddess of my idolatry

lucretia is from a place of science joined with magic

lucretia is among the most feared nova terrorists and assassins known to intelligence agencies around the world

lucretia is the only virtuous woman in rome and the focus of others' jealousies.

lucretia is befriended by a gang of bikers

lucretia is an old one that has inspired numerous dramatic settings and artistic representations over the centuries

jenn is an atheist

jenn is awesome dot com

jenn is the daughter of the mayor of spring sun

jenn is older then glen they apparently didn't have colour photography at that point

jenn is concerned that jack is slipping away from her

jenn is drawn into the shadowland jenn is an amazing freestyle canoeist jenn is my favorite source for casual baby doll clothing

carpathian is blasted with positively energized slime

carpathian is a right gentleman

carpathian is a species of people coexisting with humans

carpathian is about to drive byron crazy with his rap music and untried skills

carpathian is a reminder of bygone whaling days

carpathian is a cool villain

carpathian is not a vampire until he starts attacking both human and vampire and loses all human feeling

carpathian is a being of a timeless existence

banzai is the funniest of the trio

banzai is one of the most original concept i have ever seen on tv

banzai is like a train that lays it's tracks as it moves along

banzai is a campy classic

banzai is able to defeat whorfin and save earth

banzai is the ultimate renaissance man; his character is overblown to the point of being a comic book superhero

banzai is trapped in an inventor and exterminator's house with the exterminator's wife who sports deadly bug spray

nome is where the heart is

nome is a little know treasure for birders

nome is essentially two parts

nome is thrust onto the world stage for two weeks every march

nome is a small goldrush

nome is built on a bench of gently sloping coastline on the shores of the bering sea

nome is the place where legends were made nome is the gateway city

Will continue Friends of the City, should those listed above not have taken offence and beaten me to a bloody pulp.

8 Responses to “Getting carried away.....”

  1. Blogger Gone Away 

    Funny stuff.

    but disapointing for the more abstruse of us:

    "Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about onkroes yet."


  2. Blogger Carpathian 

    Thanking you - I think I really should jump on the bandwagon before it pulls too far away to leap on....... ;o)

  3. Blogger jenn see 

    you know, i've never even tried to canoe? & here i was a virtuoso all this time.

  4. Blogger jenn see 

    & i went to awesome dot com.

    it's a page of cactus photographs.

    what does this say about me, do you think?

  5. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    What fun! I never thought to Google someone else. Well, at least not in public anyway...

  6. Blogger Nome 

    I love them! Particularly 'Nome is where the heart is.'

    Thanks! They're going to appear on my blog imminently.

  7. Blogger Luke 

    Yer funny!
    Who's this "gang of bikers" I've befriended?
    And I absolutely LURV Carpy's ones.

  8. Blogger banzai cat 

    Most excellent indeed! :-D

    Though how the heck did you manage to get my to-do list?!? 8-0

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