Irregular behaviour of a setting sun


A while back, Nica over at The Persistence of Memory planted the seed of intrigue, and since Ten Miles seems to be going through an artistic period, I thought I'd post a few links for the curious. The artist is James Gleeson. Here Here And here

I'm not quite sure why, but this morning Edward Gorey has been traipsing around my head. To what devious ends I do not know. So, as I'm feeling rather Goreylike today and work is quiet, here are a few interesting places to visit. The Gashlycrumb Tinies - spelling has never been quiet the same for me ever since. Interested in what Gorey might sound like? Max Nagl may have an idea.... His studio anyone? "Life is intrinsically, well, boring and dangerous at the same time. At any given moment the floor may open up. Of course, it almost never does; that's what makes it so boring." "I realize that homosexuality is a serious problem for anyone who is - but then, of course, heterosexuality is a serious problem for anyone who is, too. And being a man is a serious problem and being a woman is, too. Lots of things are problems." Oh, and I came across this too. Oooh, easy does it on the metal food group
You will swallow some tacks. You are a little
weird, maybe not so much in a good way. Buy a
yellow tie and wear it on your head.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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Bats and Men


Yeah so FM and I have both seen the Bat (at different times and locations, in case anyone gets the wrong idea here!) and the general consensus is that it’s quite kiff. (lekker). The movie works on a load of levels, I thought, but then again, I am a bit biased towards men in moulded body suits who drive tanks. FM pointed out something that sort of went over my head while I was watching the movie and I didn’t think about it until now. Without giving away anything here, the Katie chick gets to take an executive decision with regards to her "relationship" with the Bat. For once, the chick actually takes control and not the other way around - so that was refreshing. I think I was too busy watching Chris Bale during that particular scene though, to appreciate it for what it was and how the scriptwriters did a sterling job at knocking a well-worn stereotype off kilter. This Batman goes through a kind of Pilgrims Progress and even though you know very well that he will confront his fears and turn the personification of that nightmare into his signature, it is interesting how Bale manages, in his reading of the part, to keep things plausible and human. I didn’t feel anywhere in the movie that things were veering off towards slapstick, as was the case with all the other Batflicks. Even the bad guys have a bit of a soul and some intelligence, so there is a unique tension building up there all the time. The fight sequences were awesome, if a tad fast and manic but that didn’t detract from the overall effect and both main protagonists (Neeson and Bale) match up to each other perfectly. For once, CGI is used to enhance the movie, not dominate it and the supporting cast (Michael Caine, particularly as a gloriously spunky Alfred) do the movie justice. Everyone looks to be having a great time and enjoying their particular part and now I can’t wait for Bale’s next outing as the BatDude.

A Lifetime ...


FM tagged me, so I’ll jolly well post this as a guest post and serves him right! 10 years ago: Who cares, it was 10 years ago. I got divorced. There. 5 years ago: 2000? If I remember, there was something happening concerning that horror of horrors and international non-event known as Y2K … 1 year ago: Had a crisis involving a person who lives in North America. That kinda stuck for a while. Yesterday:: Drove for four hours and did exactly 97 kays ... helped a person who had blood spurting out of his mouth all over my car. Ate grilled chicken and drunk a glass of Amarula. Today: Started off the day creating a whole ruckus because of something I posted about music nostalgia on my blog but that got sorted pretty quick. Tomorrow: I want to go and buy Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief cd, because FM very kindly let me listen to some tracks … and I am embarrassed because I never bought it when it was released, so have to sort that pronto. 5 snacks I enjoy: Er … define “snack”? 5 songs I know all the words to: Oooooo … only FIVE?! Right now? Scatterbrain (Radiohead), Scarecrow (Beck), Ruby (Tweaker), Linoleum (Tweaker), Both Tweaker albums (can that count as one song please?), Lucretia, my Reflection (TSOM) ( … aargh, I don’t know how that crept in there), do I really have to stop here? 5 things I would do with $100,000,000: GREEN BACKS?! … Hell YES! Right. Erm … Nothing. I would sit and look at it for a bit. The shock would probably kill me. Can Money buy you Love? If it could, then I would spend it all on that. 5 locations I'd like to run away to: I spend my life running away in my head, it’s very tiresome. But if someone gave me the 100 million dollaarrrs I’d bugger off for good to be with someone somewhere who is important. 5 bad habits I have: I swear too much. I am fickle and stupid. I make snap decisions. I giggle when everyone else is serious. I spend too much time on the Internet. 5 things I like doing:. Sitting on the Internet. Cussin'. Being stoopid. Giggling. Being snappy. 5 things I would never wear: Clothes, if it was socially acceptable in Gauteng. A belly ring (they are stoopid, stoopid, stoopid). Bracelets (they get in the way of stuff). Anything with WHITE or PINK in it (cos they are non colours). Rubber gloves (sorry) 5 T.V. shows I like: This is a joke question, right? I fucking monitor the TV and radio 24 hours a day! I don’t want to look at the damn thing when I’ve finished work, unless there’s a DVD … 5 movies I like: The Wizard of Oz (original one), The Crow, Shaun of the Dead, Gladiator, anything historical. 5 famous people I'd like to meet: ooo yummy question … Tom Waits, Rachmaninoff, Rodin, Billy Connelly, Arthur Decko. 5 biggest joys at the moment: Faye Willow Meyer, Being free of my obsession with Seattle, My friends, my family – internet and real, prospect of going to Ngwenya Lodge (Kruger Park) in September. 5 favorite toys: Woo hoo. No comment. 5 people to tag: Whoever wants to take this up.

A Lifetime......


Livewire tagged (well, sort of) and I thought it was one of the better ones doing the rounds, so here goes.....

10 years ago: I was in my final year of high school, not quite infiltrating any of the usual cellular organisms such as the jocks or the geeks or the culture vultures. I didn't hate school, but I don't exactly miss it either. You meet some people years laters who are exactly the same; for me the year after school was like tasting fresh air for the first time...... 5 years ago: Hmmmm....that sees me nearing the end of my stint running a bar. If anyone would like to know how to survive on a few hours of sleep a night, you can send your queries to forgottenmachine@..........
Crash course in human nature that left me somewhat jaded, but fortunately with a few great friends. 1 year ago: A startling mirror image of the present, sans this blog and incredible fellow bloggers. Oh, and a few extra pounds....blogging isn't exactly good exercise.
Yesterday: A few really tremendous surprises, the beginning of a novel, the rediscovery of Future Sound of London. Today: Leftovers from supper for lunch, an invigorating good morning kiss, a few emails to temper work frustrations and am about to go and check out our new office premises.
Tomorrow: The beginning of a weekend in which I say farewell to a friend who is more like a brother, and Batman Begins. 5 snacks I enjoy: I don't really snack that much, in fact, sometimes I get so busy that I just forget to eat....................yeah, right. crisps, cashew nuts, cookies and biltong.
5 songs I know all the words to: Battle of Who Could Care Less (Ben Folds Five), Charity (Skunk Anansie), Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin), More Human Than Human (White Zombie), I Am Hated For Loving (Morrissey) 5 things I would do with $100,000,000: (am I the only person giggling like Dr Evil?) Donate half of it to Aids research, buy a house, start a decent flippin' SA radio station, the customary private island bash with friends and buy an F22 Raptor for Mrs TenMiles 5 locations I'd like to run away to: Machu Picchu, New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, my uncle's log cabin in Canada
5 bad habits I have: Procrastination, stubborness, eating too fast, hogging the covers and feel free to phone Mrs TenMiles on 27824494909 for the rest. 5 things I like doing: Staring at the sky, playing guitar, inventing new ways to develop photographs, planning imaginary holidays and reading inspiring and exquisite words. 5 things I would never wear: Anything neon, a white suit, cardigans, a speedo or pink corduroy slacks......well, not ever again. 5 T.V. shows I like: The Office, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Robotech, Firefly, The Simpsons
5 movies I like: Grosse Point Blank, City of the Lost Children, Donnie Darko, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Willow 5 famous people I'd like to meet: Gary Oldman, Neil Gaiman, Leonardo Da Vinci, Diane Arbus, Sofia Coppola
5 biggest joys at the moment: Discovering new friendships, writing again, my Led Zeppelin dvd, Mrs TenMiles and devising methods to abduct Mugabe.
5 favorite toys: Don't have any gadgets or gizmos now, so I guess it'll have to be what I remember from childhood. Hmmm....Lego, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Playmobile 5 people to tag: Suppose I can't just say anyone who's up for it, so if they feel like it, Carl, Onkroes, Beezlebabe, Anne and Luke, but no expectations. Oh, and anyone who's up for it.

It's not quite the Presidency, but we're getting there......


In a step which would seem to indicate President Mbeki's ongoing commitment to gender equality, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka has been appointed as Deputy President. And no, Mrs TenMiles is not peering over my shoulder as I type this............

"A king, realizing his incompetence, can either delegate or abdicate his duties. A father can do neither. If only sons could see the paradox, they would understand the dilemma." -Marlene Dietrich

The Fathers Day weekend is always a bittersweet one for Mrs TenMiles (Mandi), as it always coincides with the death of her father, a little over five years ago.

A once successful architect who could provide for all the wishes of his children, both material and emotional, he seemed to me a man larger then life, a figure given life by her words and descriptions of dusty memories, a sort of Edward Bloom. She'd get a sparkle in her eye broader than a Hollywood smile, indulging my curiosity with stories, like his ongoing tales of heroism in the Vietnam war (the man had never left these shores at that stage), his dreams of becoming a beachbum one day....

When she was in high school, his business partner screwed him over, resulting in the loss of his business, and then slowly, inexorably, his family, his life and his sobriety. Shortly before divorcing his wife and leaving, he disowned Mandi, a reaction to her pleas to stop drinking, to stop the emotional abuse. I still believe that had he any idea of the effect those words were to have on her, he would have cut his own tongue out.

Over the next few years, she would hear about him through her brother, about his remarriage, his downward spiral, his self-destruction. How he was living in a backyard shack in a destitute neighbourhood. I'm not sure what brought about the change, the desperate desire for reconciliation, but by the time I'd fallen desperately and hopelessly in love with this fragile creature, he'd taken a step on the road less travelled. A few months before he died of liver failure, I met him. I remember not sleeping the night before, selfishly fantasizing about how I would confront him, order him to beg for his daughter's forgiveness. But how can one be angry at the shell of a man? The broken man I met that day was both no longer the weaver of stories, nor the bitter drunkard. The remorse emanated from him, more potent than any odour of alcohol. A daughter who had never felt anything less than overwhelming love for this man was able to conjure a final, peaceful image. As terrifying a sound as it was, I hope that he was able to hear the scream that left her lips when the hospital phoned to notify us of his death. It may just have been powerful enough to sear the shadows of his past.

And perhaps it would have been a last indication to him of the capacity for love his daughter possesses.

So for me, Fathers Day holds more secrets then any other invented holiday, and as each year passes I seem to grow more adept at deciphering and decoding them. I try to remain conscious of Ms Dietrich's words and forge anew the respect and admiration I have for a man, who though we often disagree, has always let me run ahead, normally against his better judgement.

I love you, dad.

Somebody take this despot out please ...


What the devil is going on in Zimbabwe? Bob’s going to have a lavish birthday bash later on this year that will cost a couple of million bucks and now he’s got his police busy obliterating any sign of “trash” in and around Harare – in the process, displacing thousands of people, shutting down their only source of income (informal trading/hawking) and all this, in the coldest months of the year. There is no bloody petrol in Zimbabwe. Unemployment is over 70 percent, the inflation rate is astronomically high … people are starving. So what does Mad Bob do? He attempts to sweep all the muck under the carpet. If you listen to all the divergent views from around the world, including the Catholic Church (holy cow), the opposition MDC party and various spokespeople from human rights organisations, it all looks very bleak in that country. Yet, the working populace seem disinterested/apathetic or plainly paralysed about striking back at their “elected despot” - stay aways or any form of protest action, seem to be ignored. Of course Fat Bob still blames everything on the colonialists.

It begins, as most things begin, with a song.


Neil Gaiman's journal brings good news......Mirrormask has a September release date and a new trailer. And for those who have not yet done so, the title of this post is also the first line from Neil's new novel, an excerpt of which can be read here. It also has a September release, so unless anyone protests, I think I shall go into hibernation until then.

It's not everyday.....


It's not every day that the Deputy President of your country gets"released from his duties"......... Without getting ourselves bogged down in the mire of politics, said Deputy was negatively implicated in the conviction of a prominent businessman. Now, although he has not been tried and found guilty of any form of corruption himself, the general consensus has been that he should nevertheless step down from his position. It almost equates to being asked whether you want Michael Jackson looking after your child's daycare. He was found innocent of all charges, but I don't think anyone would want him overseeing naptime. Similarly, for the Deputy President the shadow of what he may have done is one that in a political sense does not dissipate when clouds cover the sky. So I'm torn between applauding the President for being decisive and following through with a course of action that will have many ANC members champing at the bit, and wondering why the rule 'innocent until proven guilty' can be overlooked in this instance. I do think the President made the correct decision, but I'm still not sure how to answer that question. Just another rainy day in Cape Town.

No swearing or cussing


So I was thinking that since FM very kindly allowed me the use of his page, I should at least post something, otherwise I’m just being rude. There are a lot of his regular readers who are far better at this collaborative thing than I am, methinks but what the ... (no, I promised I wouldn’t desecrate these hallowed halls with swear words and graffiti). I have read several posts this week relating to the 15 minute challenge – all of them inspired by those wonderful photos, truly excellent. I tried to post a comment on Carpy’s blog ‘just now’ but somehow it wasn’t having any of that. For some reason though, I have a mental block with those photographs – even though they are awesome, the images evoke memories of things in my past that I had thought were forgotten and the feelings swelling up are complicated and sit uneasy with me. One photograph, specifically ("earthcoat”), reminded me of a time long ago, when I was just a chillun and the likes of traveling minstrels, tinkers, gypsies, rag-and-bone men et al, were the norm – that time is long gone now. As children, we were often “accosted” by a hobo/tramp on our way to school (we had to walk through a small wood) and his shabby herringbone coat was constantly covered in detritus, leaves and twigs, he smelt very bad. To us, he was the epitome of the evil “Bogeyman” and he frightened us mightily. He spoke in a very old, archaic English and was a gypsy and slowly, as we grew older and more wordly wise, we grew less afraid of him. Also because of "conker" season and the fact that he knew secrets about how to make your conker really strong, we grew brave enough to speak to him every day. We would leave our prize conkers with him in the morning and collect them in the afternoon, after he had soaked them in his potions (probably vinegar) to make them very hard, thereby guaranteeing that we could smash any opponents conker with ease. He taught us how to play marbles properly and introduced us to rudimentary cricket. He also made beautiful painted spinning tops out of wood. Children don’t play with spinning tops anymore. Children don’t play hopscotch until the sun goes down in the street, or roast chestnuts over a broken down brazier in the middle of a forest with a strange raggedy man. Times have changed and sometimes, I don’t think they have changed for the better.



Klaus spooned the last of his cereal into his mouth, careful to avoid any potential rivulets of milk that might form on his chin. He kissed his wife, readjusted his tie and as the front door closed behind him, he slipped between 07:45:01 and 07:45:02, as a letter would an envelope. The world was always sepia toned. Klaus often wondered whether it had more to do with the nature of Stretchtime, or perhaps it was to ensure that all remained focused on the job at hand. Would it have killed them to use Periwinkle Blue every now and again? He could see others now, walking slowly but purposefully, a slight glaze over their eyes the only clue that each was being reminded of the inappropriateness of social niceties. Klaus located his Pinnacle, endured the nausea that always accompanied the telltale flickering, and with fearless eyes surveyed the expanse of city that suddenly lay stretched out below him. He placated the sudden urge to chuckle at how ridiculous he must look, perched high atop this finger of steel, swaying in the breeze. Well, it surely would have, had the possibility of a breeze existed. Or that anyone could have noticed. Performing a last check on the assortment of jars that hung from his belt, Klaus slipped the scraper from its leather sheath and reached to the sky. There was the usual assortment of 'Allah preserve' and 'hare, hare, Krishna', all with the consistency of honey, and all removed by the efficacy of the scraper, the skill of a hand that had been doing this for more than a decade. With a flick of the wrist, 'please' 'almighty' 'sick' 'heal' 'God' 'my' 'husband' all slid from the scraper into a jar. This particular one now being full, he carefully sealed the lid and readjusted his belt so that the maw of an empty jar gaped up at him. He gazed across to another patch of sky, where he thought he recognised Tim, rushing through his allocated section with a youthful vigor. It wouldn't take a while before Tim would realise that it didn't matter how quickly he worked, just that he didn't make mistakes. He knew how costly it might prove if a skyscraper should miss a prayer. This tangent was quickly interrupted, as Klaus felt his fingers slide into what felt like a tear. His heart skipped a beat, but breathing steadily he slid his fingers further, prising apart the thin barrier until he felt the coldness of space caress his cheek. It was a tear only about an inch wide, but he could see the vast blackness beyond. "Oh shit...". His voice sounded strange to him, as if it were an echo. "'s gotten through." * * * * * * * * * * * Inspired by this picture. This is a new 15 Minute challene, brought to life by Dinesh and answered vehemently by JP. The rules are as follows: 1. Click here and choose any image you like. 2. Compose your piece in less than 15 mins. 3. Post it to your blog. 4. I think for this round it might be interesting to read the piece without seeing the image first, so just provide a link to the image after the piece (note that since the website uses frames, you can get the URL for particular images by hovering over the thumbnails).

Well I never............


"I looked out across them and could barely make out, flat miles away, the dim but ominous shapes of the Forgotten Machines. Inventions from an age when anything mechanical was considered both positive and magical, they had once easily turned stone into steel; green plants into medicine, cloth, brown fuel. Abandoned later because of failed dreams or newer and better combinations, they had been left to stop and die. But they hadn't. Machines don't die - they wait. Like so many other things in Rondua, they had simply appeared there one day." Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll... page 59 Geez, I seem to be popping up all over the place! (thanks to Livewire for the observation) The joke is, I'm an avid Jonathan Carroll fan, yet Bones of the Moon is probably the only novel of his that I haven't read.........

Invasion of the Lukes


Hey, check it out! I’m a “contributor”. Sweet. I don’t know what I will contribute other than chaos and mindless meanderings and I will be very careful not to use too many swear words, cos that will bring the tone down and I don’t want to be accused of polluting Mr. Machine’s sanctuary in any way. So if his regular readers are irritated by me being here, please tell him (privately in email of course) and then he’ll tell me privately in email (naturally) and I’ll sulk. But I will try my very best to be on my best behaviour. So now I’ve got somewhere to sprout off and mumble along. Thanks dude. Cape Town people are just so laid back and cool with everything. (I'll accept a cheque, FM)

Friends of the City.......


Thus sayeth Googlism.......

anne is bored with her current homepage
anne is pleased to accept your special order requests
anne is loved by millions the world over
anne is shocked at the differences between her own family and that of the van daans
anne is frightened because she is not used to such darkness and silence at night
anne is distraught and begs him to reconsider
anne is put on trial for witchcraft
anne is standing in front of a traditional picket fence with wild roses blooming on either side
anne is clearly above such matters
adamant is an intentionally tiny shrine to philip pullman's his dark materials trilogy
adamant is a study group and we expect the courtesy of legible emails from all of our members
adamant is found in the sky castle
adamant is essentially a crime
adamant is discovered entombed in a block of ice by workmen in 1966
adamant is then rescued by trendy nightclub dj georgina jones
adamant is a really cool hippie
adamant is notoriously nonreflective
adamant is dancing with snakes
carl is fluent in german and welcomes inquiries from all over the world
carl is touring the united states
carl is also able to utilize appropriate skills in applying mathematics to real life situations
carl is the big one on the right
carl is sporting a brand new scar on his knee
carl is a ruthless smuggler and car thief
carl is intently studying his own face in a mirror
carl is the oldest of the hot shot tap dancers
carl is actually an ethereal entity comprised of the alter ego of songwriter/guitarist/singer carl "smokin' again" vreeland
jp is now under construction
jp is not responsible for answering who's who questions
jp is the first to tattle to the teacher using quite animated gestures
jp is a very progressive and powerful rider who possesses a charismatic personality and loads of natural talent
jp is worth £240m
jp is attempting to reach people who don't necessarily like rap music
jp is a modern triple deck paddlewheeler equipped to serve up to 300 people for a luxurious dining experience
alan is a cowboy killer
alan is driving force behind the peak attempt
alan is on my "a" list of healers
alan is creating his own mini
alan is fully insured to practice swedish massage
alan is the devil
alan is very happy since his father was a famous football player
alan is not just a man
alan is more concerned with gaining approval from his gentile schoolmates
alan is a member of the orchestra of the age of enlightenment
skrambled is a cool scrabble clone
skrambled is a satirical web magazine
skrambled is usually adequate
skrambled is generated randomly on its own
skrambled is satan
skrambled is unconstitutional
skrambled is the brain of the ambassador himself
skrambled is like an empty omlet
skrambled is one of those albums that just blows you away the first time
jugular is excited by this even though the hologram creature proceeds to kick his butt and toss him aside
jugular is poised to repeat this performance on national television
jugular is serious about japan
jugular is what he does on every occasion
jugular is how ten billion gentle creatures will end their lives in america this year
jugular is an overly large troll with one horn broken off
jugular is sanguine advice
jugular is a ruthless bounty hunter under the employ of the h'san natall


Right! That's it! The next person who calls me Fred...........

Getting carried away.....


It's late, I'm sitting around at work waiting for infinite processes to finish. So, without the express permission of those involved, for which I do apologise but will carry on anyway, I'd like to present: Friends of the City, Googlism(ised).

lucretia is the new goddess of my idolatry

lucretia is from a place of science joined with magic

lucretia is among the most feared nova terrorists and assassins known to intelligence agencies around the world

lucretia is the only virtuous woman in rome and the focus of others' jealousies.

lucretia is befriended by a gang of bikers

lucretia is an old one that has inspired numerous dramatic settings and artistic representations over the centuries

jenn is an atheist

jenn is awesome dot com

jenn is the daughter of the mayor of spring sun

jenn is older then glen they apparently didn't have colour photography at that point

jenn is concerned that jack is slipping away from her

jenn is drawn into the shadowland jenn is an amazing freestyle canoeist jenn is my favorite source for casual baby doll clothing

carpathian is blasted with positively energized slime

carpathian is a right gentleman

carpathian is a species of people coexisting with humans

carpathian is about to drive byron crazy with his rap music and untried skills

carpathian is a reminder of bygone whaling days

carpathian is a cool villain

carpathian is not a vampire until he starts attacking both human and vampire and loses all human feeling

carpathian is a being of a timeless existence

banzai is the funniest of the trio

banzai is one of the most original concept i have ever seen on tv

banzai is like a train that lays it's tracks as it moves along

banzai is a campy classic

banzai is able to defeat whorfin and save earth

banzai is the ultimate renaissance man; his character is overblown to the point of being a comic book superhero

banzai is trapped in an inventor and exterminator's house with the exterminator's wife who sports deadly bug spray

nome is where the heart is

nome is a little know treasure for birders

nome is essentially two parts

nome is thrust onto the world stage for two weeks every march

nome is a small goldrush

nome is built on a bench of gently sloping coastline on the shores of the bering sea

nome is the place where legends were made nome is the gateway city

Will continue Friends of the City, should those listed above not have taken offence and beaten me to a bloody pulp.

Paul is..........


I am very proud of this bit of thievery from Livewire. Googlism was kind enough to inform me what my dopplegangers have been up to......

paul is a dead hoax paul is leaving paul is a 'pop billionaire' paul is arrested in the temple paul is not dead paul is beheaded paul is looking paul is our savior paul is "good to go" paul is an international catholic paul is a dead myth paul is at best lukewarm about the usa patriot act paul is born paul is walking with his eyes closed paul is live - an interactive drama about a dead rock star paul is a republican member of congress from texas paul is second favourite to win big brother paul is in prison paul is insensed
paul is the author of over a dozen books about windows 'paul is dead' is the message one hears if you play the final lyrics of "i'm so tired" from the beatles' white album paul is in a tux paul is a pansy paul is named a top 10 paul is live at cheap price in uk paul is "charmed" paul is wack paul is a real estate novelist paul is flanked by a poster showing a likeness of himself paul is a bad trader paul is canadian paul is the best there is paul is real paul is a wonderful actor paul is pulling no punches paul is an evolutionist? paul is "good to go" paul is wrong paul is a 27 year old australian who loves technology paul is not going to be a father again for the time being paul is the leading spokesman in washington for limited constitutional government paul is the new fred paul is ready to rise It would seem I've been quite busy.....


One last exam for this semester on the horizon, a few questions from you-know-who-you-are that I seem to be having way too much difficulty in answering and a few other factors prevent me from offering to you anything worth reading, so please promise me you won't all disappear, that you'll wait patiently until I return better and fresher then ever before! Or something like that. Can't even think straight today. It's all Anne's fault!

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