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Adamant has posted on a topic I'm sure we've all thought about at one time or another. Sometimes, when you keep in mind how definitive the little decisions can be, it makes the larger ones seem that much less insurmountable. He's asked for our stories and I'd be interested in reading yours, for those who'd like to share. I've cut and pasted my response, so it may seem rather abrupt.

It's 1996, I'm fresh out of school and mid-way through a one-year course, when my parents start talking about immigrating from SA to Australia. Father goes over to follow up potential job prospects, everything seems to be moving smoothly and then one afternoon he overhears a conversation I'm having with a good friend. I'm talking about the move and how I'd probably finish up studying there and more than likely come back to SA. That plants the seed of doubt in his mind, as the main purpose of the move is to ensure a 'better' future for myself and my sister. By this time, I haven't applied to any local universities or made any arrangements for the coming year, as I'm under the impression that I won't be here for much longer. And then the move slowly dissolves, we all agree to stay and I'm left with nothing to do the next year. So I start working in a Chinese restaurant, where one fateful night I meet an incredible young woman, who many years later would become my wife.

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  1. Blogger Luke 

    That's so beautiful and cosmic too.

  2. Blogger Carl V. 

    I posted this on Adamant's site as well:

    Okay, mine was in 1987, nearing the end of my first semester of college in Oklahoma. I had moved there from Nebraska and was miserable. I had friends but was fresh out of high school and missed the comraderie that I had with friends I had known for years and missed terribly. I called my mother and told her that I was transferring colleges and to please help make arrangements. This was just before Thanksgiving and she agreed to do this but said that she would pray that I would find a close friend as she really believed I was at the place where I needed to be.
    A few weeks later I met this guy in my speech class who it turned out was like my doppleganger. We had similar interests and he was alot of fun to hang out with. I ended up staying and a few weeks into the next semester I met the girl who turned out to be my wife....going on 16 years next week.
    If I had went home I would've no doubt married the girl that broke up with me when I moved to Oklahoma(interestingly enough her name was Gina as well!) and stayed in the small town where I grew up....all of those would have been, if not least would've led to a very dull, uneventful life!

    As it is I have a most wonderful wife in addition to the best friend that I met in OK who now lives in NYC and has been the catalyst for many amazing adventures in my life.

  3. Blogger banzai cat 


    I always look at these kinds of queries with regret. Why? I remember one quiz wherein one had to post 10 things they've done that other people haven't done. Unfortunately, after a bit of think, I was surprised to discover that I haven't done anything memorable for something like this. So am just regretful that at my age, I've nothing to say on the matter.

    You know what I mean?


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