Just this once.......

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Please forgive the following indulgence, but such things are a rare occurence. Normal broadcasting will resume shortly. liverpool

9 Responses to “Just this once.......”

  1. Blogger anne 

    A Liverpool fan?

  2. Blogger retarius 

    hey, happy birthday...

  3. Anonymous fence 

    I knew you'd get your birthday wish :)

  4. Anonymous Alan 

    I wasn't sure who I wanted to win last night. Then when Gudjohnsen got that ball loose in the box right at the end I thought to myself "damn, the jammy gits are going to do it again", and when it screamed right across the face of the goal and went wide of the post I cheered. So that answered that question!

    Congrats. Now go on and win it. Hoping my boys can scrape a UEFA cup spot - it's in our own hands now we just have to not muck it up.

  5. Blogger Jugular Bean 


    GO REDS!!!!!!!!

  6. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    oh yeah...I bet everyone knows...but the pope died this year, and Charles got married...and blah and suchlike...

  7. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    ...sorry for spamming your comments, but I just looked at the pic carefully...Gerrard looks like he's getting slapped by an invisible ping pong bat!

  8. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    While I'm spamming (hey I'm excited, LFC won!)....Happy Birthday!

  9. Blogger ADAMANT 

    Whoda thunkit?

    Here's hoping they can go all the way!

    I don't suppose there's any chance of Arsenal and Man Utd both losing the FA cup, is there?

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