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"From the back of another drawer I take out a photo of me and my older sister when we were little, the two of us on a beach somewhere with grins plastered across our faces. My sister's looking off to the side so half her face is in shadow and her smile is neatly cut in half. It's like one of those Greek tragedy masks in a textbook that's half one idea and half the opposite. Light and dark. Hope and despair. Laughter and sadness. Trust and loneliness. For my part I'm staring straight ahead, undaunted, at the camera. Nobody else is there at the beach. My sister and I have on swimsuits--hers a red floral-print one-piece, mine some baggy old blue trunks. I'm holding a plastic stick in my hand. White foam is washing over our feet." Kafka on The Shore by Haruki Murakami When does the realisation hit that you no longer know someone you never thought you'd forget?

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  1. Blogger Gone Away 

    "When does the realisation hit that you no longer know someone you never thought you'd forget?"

    Seriously? When you get old!
    No kidding!

    I've lost track of the people who I once was so close to and thought we'd be friends forever, but now don't know them anymore, through time, distance, changes, life....

    You just have to accept time, distance, changes, and life. You can either move on or stand still and watch everyone else move on. Sometimes it feels like you're running to stand still, and sometimes it feels like your moving fast while standing still.

    There's a Taoist saying "The journey is the reward". Don't look back and don't regret. Ride the wave man, ride the wave......

    And thanks for sharing along the way..

  2. Blogger Gone Away 

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! :-)

  3. Blogger anne 

    Sometimes paths diverge... and sometimes they reconnect at some point. It's all about letting go. I think.

  4. Blogger Nome 

    It's harder to accept losing touch with someone who is your flesh and blood, someone whom you knew as a child when everything was a little simpler.

    My brother and I have had the great good fortune to grow closer as we get older, but for many people it works the other way around. I say remember what you LIKED about her so long ago -- not why you love her, because that's a given, but remember the qualities you liked, because she probably still possesses at least some of them.

    And sometimes love is strong enough to hold together just a few things you have in common with someone.

    Happy Birthday, by the way. I'm glad to know you, even just in cyberland.

  5. Blogger jenn see 

    happy birthday. i love murakami.

  6. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    Hopefully around the same time that you learn to love what is there and not what you wanted to be there.

    You may not LIKE the person that they have become, but your LOVE for them may remain. Or it may change...

    Try not to be too hard on either of you and know when to distance yourself if need be.

    Now, after all that depressing and dramatic stuff out of my mouth... hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  7. Blogger Jay 

    My sisters and I have been strangers since birth. It's stranger still to live in a house with people you don't know.


    Happy birthday. Make good memories.

  8. Blogger Luke 

    What them all said up there ... remember the good stuff.

  9. Blogger banzai cat 

    Mmm...reminds me of a story written in 1925 by a local writer.

    It's called "Dead Stars" and it's about an old man who still longs for his lost love who married someone else. However, when the guy finally had a chance to see the girl again, he realized the girl had changed and was not the same person he fell in love with years and years ago.

    I loved that idea: that the light of stars we see in the night sky may nothing be but the burn-out core of dead stars.

    And happy birthday, my friend!

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