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You may recall 100 things no.94, bottled nostalgia. Now Carl V has, in an inspired bit of observation, seen the potential of this idea and has decided to partner me in this endeavor. Our plan for world domination is in place, yet we lack one crucial item.............a name for the product! So, should anyone have any ingenious ideas, please let us know and we may, in our unsurpassed magnanimity, decide to cut you in on the deal.

8 Responses to “Ambrosial”

  1. Anonymous fence 

    Simply call it nostalgia. Only with random capital letters, eg

    nosTALgia: bringing mushy memories to life for many a mammal

  2. Blogger anne 

    No punk? Future is dead?
    Always mind the bollocks?

    sorry, i'm tired...

  3. Blogger jenn see 

    gOlden mOment.

  4. Blogger Luke 


  5. Blogger Carl V. 

    You can see our ramblings on the subject in the comments section of the Audrey Hepburn post and the Le Petite Rouge post in case you were wondering how our group psychosis were progressing.

    You guys pick the name, I'm ready to start the marketing campaign!

  6. Blogger Nome 

    Call it Memoire.

    'Memory' is apt and everyone is a sucker for French.

  7. Blogger OldHorsetailSnake 

    A swell name would be:

    "Old Times There Are Best Forgotten"

    You'll need a rather large bottle to get all that on. Call it your "super size."

  8. Blogger Carl V. 

    Since there are many different things that one can be nostalgic about I'm envisioning a variety of different bottles and labels. Kind of like what Jones Soda does with its label variety only on a much larger and more creative scale. I'd also like to find bottles that are period appropriate for the memory....old green-glass Absinthe type bottles...bottles with interesting shapes, textures, etc.

    If this was a reality I could really have fun with it.

    Of course we'd need money...any financial backers out there?

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