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Just a short post today, as I'm fairly peeved at Amazon and rather depressed that the band is slowly disintegrating. Fuck that, I'm fucking pissed at Amazon. "Your order will arrive between the estimated dates of 11th April to 25th April 2005". What the hell is the point of that estimation if the package doesn't arrive then? Why not just say it'll arrive sometime after the 11th April? Am I being unreasonable? Is four weeks an acceptable waiting time? Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!! Oh well, at least Mysfit has posted at Story Crossing. Nicely done! And I really like the fact that people call the bounty hunters 'Blade Runners' after the actual movie. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy! That's a brilliant concept, popular culture feeding off of...well....popular culture! Hmmm....may have to blog about that later..... Lastly, saw The Interpreter over the weekend. Being an African, a pacifist and possessing a fairly good knowledge of what is happening in places like Zimbabwe, I found the movie thought-provoking, if a little too peripheral. There's so much more there, but it's Sydney Pollack's story to tell, not mine. It's a nobel idea, but the cynic in me fears that he affords the UN more efficacy than it has shown in the past.

6 Responses to “Unfettered Notions”

  1. Blogger Luke 

    I kept away today ... cos I had a feeling Amazon weren't pulling through at this point. my thoughts are with you in your hour/week/month of need ... :)
    Just think though, how much better it will be when it finally arrives in Slaapstad!!

  2. Blogger jenn see 

    the only thing that intrigues me about The Interpreter is that the UN actually let them film within its (ahem) hallowed halls.

    that & one of my friends is an extra with some actual screen time. but not enough for a ten dollar movie ticket.

    kung fu hustle, now, that's worth ten bucks over & over.

  3. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    You, uh, want me to send some of my goons to Amazon on your behalf? Oh wait, I AM one of my goons! =)

  4. Blogger Hans the Destroyer 

    The shipping situation reminds me of the frameshop where I work... The estimated date is NEVER the date it's actually done by, I mean, it's AT LEAST going to be another week or so after that date. So I've taken to telling people to ignore the estimated date entirely. Honesty is better, and results in fewer pissed customers if you ask me.

  5. Anonymous Fence 

    I went to see The Interpreter too, was interesting but the film was only average. But I had heard it wasn't great before I went to see it so wasn't disapointed. Kidman did an okay job on the accent, although I wouldn't really be familar with it, so maybe I'm wrong.

  6. Blogger ScroobiousScrivener 

    Please join in forming an Anti-Amazon Coalition of the Angry. I have had so many bad experiences, late shipping is the least of it (but really, it's not too much to ask that if it's now four weeks after the estimated arrival, they should be able to tell me WHY... no such luck has ever come my way). And I have solemnly sworn never, never to darken their pages again. Ever. At all. ESPECIALLY not in wish list form.

    (ahem) Not that I'm bitter.

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