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A thought on the passing of Pope John Paul II: Is there ever a time or situation where it is right that one man should receive such adoration, have such vast wealth at his disposal or wield such influence? What kind of person can actually conceive of being comfortable with such responsibility? I understand the role of the liberator, the pioneer, the ground-breaker, but I find myself wondering, is it really possible for a spokesperson of God to exercise humility? Do we really buy that presidential candidates choose the path to leadership because they wish to be a servant of the people? And even if such a rare commodity exists, how long until they become jaded, until the massive frustration of every good intention blocked by red tape becomes too much to bear? I'm not convinced that the thought has any relevance, or whether I even believe it, but it's the thought that popped up nevertheless, and I've come to value your (you all) judgement, so I share it.

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  1. Blogger the wheel 

    For all the pope's stupid ideas about birth control, stem cell research, and women in the clergy, he was above all else a man of peace. So I guess I respect him for that.

    It is interesting that you don't really see any centralized leadership in most of the other Christian denominations, at least none with the potential to have the sort of power that the Catholic church still seems to wield. I guess maybe that was a big part of what the whole protestant reformation was about.

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