Seeking a friend for the end of the world....

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apocalypse-joycekilmerave Jenn See posted this over on Followingmyfish and saw in it an apocalyptic quality. I couldn't agree more, but perhaps not apocalyptic as in 'end of the world'........ This was born of that thought. My affair is with silence, she does not ask from me a word I am unable to give. Goodbye. Such a simple word. Silken on the tongue, a soft word but is there any other that could dry up the seas shatter the sky, one filigreed sliver of blue at a time? If I do not love you then why is the word cadaverous, a taste of death and steel and lost at sea on my tongue Ah, but I do love you. A fierce, bright love an ember to spark the end of the world. It slips beyond desire's fickle grasp resonating outward and onward. I promised I would come, and we both wept at the image of my arrival an image so clear perhaps it had happened already. But it hasn't. Did I truly break that promise as easily as driftwood as glass as shadow? I fear I will never know if it is cowardice, or the bravest thing I have ever done. How does the thought of you not cripple me? Fear not I never could walk without you. Yet I am suprised at how quickly I have become accustomed to crawling. So I cast off every thought, I have glimpsed a moment and I know truer then anything I have known before that it will only come once. Don't ask me why I must seize it, I must My tongue is still a cold and distant stranger, but the thought speaks louder than my voice ever could. Goodbye. (file under fiction)

11 Responses to “Seeking a friend for the end of the world....”

  1. Blogger jenn see 

    fantastic. i love when my POV leads in tangents to others.

    thanks for the nod--it seems the photo's able to communicate some of the loneliness of that view.

    oddly enough it has goodbye-resonances for me, too. did that come through as well, i wonder? or were we simply momentarily telepathically connected via some unexpected side effect of the internet?

    intriguing either way.


  2. Blogger Luke 

    You use the F word again ... :)
    Musical, this piece is.

  3. Blogger jenn see 

    which f-word, filigreed, fickle, or fear?

  4. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    I fear I will never know if it is cowardice,or the bravest thing I have ever done. How does the thought of you not cripple me?

    That is my favorite part. Such a fine line sometimes, isn't it? I know one thing for certain - you will not end up on the Bad Poetry page; ever.

    Nice to see you reintroduce Jenn See's image with your words superimposed.

  5. Blogger Carl V. 

    Very nice! Was this spur of the moment? Great stuff!

  6. Blogger Ostrich 

    That is beautiful. The picture reminds me of how hell was portrayed in Constantine... Damn popular culture...

  7. Blogger eKapa 

    wow! flippen cool. and here i thought i could write poetry. -sulk-

  8. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    Jenn - I'm not sure, but the second I saw the photo, my mind latched on to that one thought. Although I do like the thought of a momentary telepathic link as an internet side effect......
    Oh, and the 'F' word was 'filigree'.

    Carl - Yes, it was indeed spur of the moment stuff, thanks for meandering by, please do so again!

    Ostrich - I'm still in awe of your stuff, so that really means alot. And yeah, popular culture does that, and it ain't pretty.

    ekapa - I remain fairly certain that you can......

  9. Blogger mysfit 

    lovely poem! isn't inspiration wonderful? now, you too, have some idea why i view jennsee as one of my muses.

  10. Anonymous suzanna danna 

    This was beautifully written. What a gift… thank you.

  11. Blogger jenn see 

    cheap plug to hang with your pearl of a poem:
    you know i have a photo blog:
    tourist of everything

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