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For those true die-hards who've been following the story crossing attempts of the last post, Anne has ushered her addition out into the world......and has left us all wondering what other gems she has concealed! And in other news, Livewire has uncovered a rather pleasing discovery! On page 200 of the novel she's currently reading, one of the characters makes a passing reference to "......forgotten machines..." This particular book also happens to be by one of my favourite authors, in fact, the title of this here blog is derived from a line in the same novel! The clincher? I've been using the pseudonym forgottenmachine for a good few years prior to the book's publishing...... I remember when I was still in high school, I was toying around with a title for a short story and finally settled on The Jupiter Drawing Room. About three years later, a new advertising agency was launched here guessed it, The Jupiter Drawing Room! Anyone else share a similar experience? Oh, and what with the blog title/pseudonym co-incidence, I've decided that this blog was clearly meant to you'll be putting up with me for a good while yet......

5 Responses to “It's alive!”

  1. Blogger Luke 

    I'm worried ... actually, I'm like really freaked out. i was talking to people from Jupiter Drawing Room this morning and I told them some stuff and I was thinking about doing a post about the name of that company and how cool it is ...
    I need to go and lie down now. THis is weirding me out

  2. Blogger anne 

    You're kidding!
    I was thinking of writing a short story, the title of which would have been...
    "A short story", by Anne.
    Coincidence? I don't think so.

  3. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    Once upon a time, someone told me that paying attention will get me somewhere... and it got me on the post of a fabulous blog written by one 'forgottenmachine'. Can you imagine such a thing? =) You might want to consider a copyright on any future utterances, though.

  4. Blogger mysfit 

    it's like having preja vu - things happening again to you before they happen. or maybe these people are reading your mind, whether they know it or now - or maybe you reading their minds, whether you know it or now - or (OW!! my head's spinning)

    and yes this has happened to me and sometimes i think, 1)"wow, i must be on the right track" and sometimes i think 2)"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

    one example of each: 1)"Dark City" was like looking into my brain at the time(i'm obsessioned with spirals) - so was "Waking Life" 2)For months before the movie "28 Days Later" came out I'd been working on a short story which involved a virus that made people irrationally violent.

    The story has since evolved into a novel (probablly) and partly because this movie, is doing quite well, thanks.

  5. Blogger banzai cat 

    And on that note...

    ... anyone want to buy tinfoil hats? Pretty cheap defense against mind-reading machines and the like. :-D

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