Inertia creeps, moving up slowly.....

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Headline in an insert in one of our weekend papers: Beware the loner Goth. It's actually a book column, reviewing the release of a book entitled 'Hitler Book', but in her preamble the columnist expresses her non-surprise at reports that the perpetrator of the Minnesota school killings expressed admiration for Hitler. "Memo to school principles", she writes. "The kid with heavy metal on his I-pod, carving Swastikas into his desk. Watch him." My dear columnist. Beware the kid sitting at the back of the class, the one who can't wait for the period to be over so that he can get to football practice. The kid who will one day become a top sportstar, teaching others that the only yardstick is to win at all costs. Beware the beautiful blonde, the one dressed to kill. One day she'll be teaching her daughters that above all else, their looks will get them through life. They'll also be taught that Copenhagen is somewhere near Mexico. Beware the straight-A student. Ambition boils in his blood. One day he'll decide his employees future in the same way he trades stocks. Beware the nerd in the front row. One day he'll own everything. The loner Goth? He'll be the least of your problems. Beware stereotypes, you'll miss the sportstar who teaches kids to beat the odds, you'll miss the beautiful blonde who lives in Africa nursing Aids orphans, you'll miss the straight-A student who finances impoverished entrepreneurs, you'll miss the nerd who's open source software brings a realm of possibilities to anyone who can dream it. And the loner goth? Well, he may just forget what it is to be alone.

10 Responses to “Inertia creeps, moving up slowly.....”

  1. Blogger Lohans 

    aww, that's beautiful. :)

  2. Blogger jenn see 

    hmmm. i haven't noticed that goths are any more trouble in general than, say, popular jock rapists.
    i think i prefer goths.

  3. Blogger Prone Ranger 

    A deceptively beautiful piece as usual. Perhaps the swastikas are a problem , but then I was once singled out for writing a lot of 'SS'es everywhere, until I pointed out to the misguided teacher that they were my initials! Since then I have always included my middle name when writing my initials.

    On the subject of stereotypes. Is NAD better than...(sorry) Stereotypes are a lot of fun when it comes to humour - and they make it easy for me to classify and box all the people I meet!

  4. Blogger Carpathian 

    That was really rather good...and right.

    Never forget to add the "...and right"

  5. Blogger the wheel 

    I agree with the above commenters, that was very good. That belongs on an inspirational plaque hanging on the wall in the faculty room of every school.

  6. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    Your new challenge is to come up with one to reflect our lives as adults. Beautiful job; quite commendable.

  7. Blogger nica 

    people tend to forget though, that the swastika actually originated in the East as a symbol of perpetual peace and harmony (I believe the reason Hitler was in admiration of it, was its direct, imposing and unforgetable design, not to mention the symbology, seeing as he was quite a learned man).
    But usually the reason the dude wearing black and sitting at the back of the class, carves things like swastikas is purely the anarchtic action of it.
    But yeh, I agree, it piece is true; the quite guy in the back is quite cleary the least of anyone's problems. And in my opinion is probably smarter than anyone else in the class both streetwise and intellectually.

  8. Blogger Luke 

    Stereotypes are the crutch of lazy journalists.

  9. Blogger Luke 

    Oh and Massive Fuckin Attack .. rocks this post big time.

  10. Anonymous fence 

    "Love is a verb"

    Now I'm going to have that Massive Attack song stuck in my head all day. Still tis a good song, better than most of the ones that tend to take-over my brain.

    My philosophy: Everyone is dangerous and could well be the next Hitler, so why worry about it?

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