I feel like a quote out of context...

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Background sketch: Five years ago, you would have found me attempting to fool both patrons and staff with my impersonation of a competent restaurant manager. I would scurry around, dispatching waiters hither and thither, passing by tables with my best "I'm in control" smile (which could not have been further from the truth). I remember in particular one young waiter, C, a scrubby young guy with a mischievous demeanor, but an incredibly personable and halcyon individual. It unfortunately did not take long for me to realise that he had a serious drug problem. He attempted rehabilitation twice in the period that he worked for me, but after a number of 'incidents of dishonesty' (hey everyone, look....I just coined my very first PC phrase!), I had to ask him to leave. We did part as friends, not because I'm some sort of ultramegaokay hyper-dimensional being who exudes coolness, but rather because I tried to show him some form of courtesy, and I think he could see that. Flashforward to present day: So fellow bandmate and I pull into a local fastfood franchise on Friday night, and I'm busy picking up our order when I hear someone call my name. It's C, impish grin still very much in place, but no sign of the heavy shadow that was always at his side those five years ago. My initial impression is right, as he starts to tell me of his last two years clean and his new found passion, teaching. He's two years away from completing his teaching diploma and already knows the school he wants to be involved with. And in a serendipitous twist of fate, he is now in a position to offer my band discounted studio time at a local recording studio. We exchange numbers and I stride back into the night. What a truly uplifting experience! I have always tried to adhere to a code of respect toward all acquaintances, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fairly self-satisfied, not because I was deluded enough to believe I'd had any role in his rehabilitation, but because his recollection of me was a positive one. And so this morning, I found myself designing intricate and nefarious diagrams to rid the earth of a certain work colleague, who also happens to be the bane of the rest of the office's existence. She was in top form this morning, achieving maximum irritation levels in less than a half-hour. But what use is my so-called 'code' if it can't be extended to her? It's so easy to tell all and sundry about the 'former junkie turned good', because I like him and see him as a friend, but someone I have come to loathe with 89% of the fibres in my body? There is a thousand mile gap between dislike in thought and dislike in action. When that moment finally arrives and the temptation to flick the release valve is a cacophony I can't ignore, what then? Shall I recommit myself to this 'code'? Except for Mugabe..... and Bush..... and Gareth Cliff..... (this has been an emergency test of the PGPAAMP system) (Pointless Gobbledygook Posing As A Meaningful Post)

7 Responses to “I feel like a quote out of context...”

  1. Blogger Nome 

    Nonsense, that was most meaningful.

    Karma works, plain and simple.

    I still think that ranting about people is okay, just so long as you don't do it to their face.

    My much-belated email to you will follow after my insane exam period is over. Only four days to go! yay!

  2. Blogger the wheel 

    That was a great post. It can definitely pay to be nice to people, but as you said, you liked him as a person. I think that if you extend the code to cover your colleague you'll just be encouraging her to continue being irritating.

    But who knows, maybe I'm wrong about that.

  3. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    I've always thought there to be a very fine line between being noble, and being stupid. You could be noble regarding your co-worker and take the high road. Sometimes that can lapse over into the border of stupidity if you forget that your feelings and sanity count, too. It can be almost self-sacrificial.

    And remember, if it is your code, you can alter it as you see fit. =) Besides, who says there can be only one code...

  4. Blogger anne 

    Karma works, I agree (except not with everybody).
    It was a great post, I agree.
    It's a fine line between being noble and being stupid, I agree.

    Hey, RSS problems mean I didn't get to read that yesterday. It's not that I have no personality.

  5. Anonymous fence 

    A code of respect towards all acquaintances sounds fine. Its only once you get to know them that you can actually judge whether or not they deserve that respect.

    If they don't, well be polite in public and rant away in private if thats what you gotta do.

  6. Blogger Gone Away 

    Great post and I can see why you feel good about yourself over C - you have a right to and deserve it (and you don't really know whether your treatment of him with respect didn't have something to do with his deciding to clean up - you can chose to believe it sewed a little seed of self respect).

    I have to disagree with Karma though. An example: When two people are in a marriage and not making a good job of it, they can either work at it, or give up, or one can try and the other give up. In my case, I tried, my (ex-)wife gave up. She moved to the other side of the country with my kids leaving me devastated and with nothing! Move forward 9 years and where am I? Well I still have a good relationship with my kids because I worked damn hard to keep seeing them and making things good for them. But my ex still makes things as difficult and stinky as possible, yet she prospers as far as I can tell. I've been turning the other cheek for years, while (I guess) secretly hoping she will receive the rewards of her hatefulness and nastiness. Has she? No. Therefore Karma doesn't work, QED. Until it does, in which case I'll come back and tell you.
    (and I know there are loads of people in the same situation as me, man and woman, who are just longing for a bit of Karma!)

    I think you made your own reward, not Karma, not god, not fate, just what you did.

  7. Anonymous behind the scenes 

    I believe in Karma as well,trust me it seems that people like that do only receive the best in life but believe me they do get their share this I have seen myself. I think to a point we do create our own way but at a certain point its out of our hands.

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