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51. As a teenager, I would sit in church and dream up weird scenarios, like what if people burst through the doors and started shooting
52. On the 25th of July, 1993, that actually happened
53. I hate cellphones
54. I believe all people see things either in video or as snapshots
55. I see things as snapshots.
56. Some of the bands I've played in were called Pseudo Weirdo, Weit, Stonecrow
57. I struggle to fall asleep at night
58. I've supported Liverpool football club since I was a boy
59. The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen was on a train leaving Sydney. It was reflected off every glass building, car window and mirrored surface so that the whole world was consumed in fire
60. I find intimidating woman extremely attractive (no, I'm not going to tell you what I mean by 'intimidating')
61. I love the fact that my closest friends believe that if I ever split up with my wife, it would indicate the end of the world
62. It's my birthday on Tuesday
63. I unconsciously manipulate situations to my advantage
64. I don't support the death penalty
65. No-one close to me has been a victim of an extremely violent act
66. If that ever changed, I'd hope that I would still believe 64, no matter how hard
67. I used to be able to play every song on Siamese Dream note for note
68. I've never told the two people I believe I've wronged the most how sorry I am
69. I don't believe I'm as good a person as people seem to think I am
70. With a few exceptions, most of my close female friends are older than me
71. My wife is older than me
72. But only by a year
73. When I was 20, I accidentally hit and killed a cat in a fairly quiet suburban street late at night. I remember the creeping dread as I went from house to house, trying to find out who the owners were. The terrible scream at the fifth house told me I'd found them
74. Our next cat WILL be called Greebo
75. I've never met a Terry Pratchett fan I haven't liked 76. I understand supply-demand curves, exchange rates, commerical law, interest rates... 77. The fact that I understand the above scares me more than anything else
78. I used to have long hair
79. I don't have any tattoos
80. But I do plan on getting one (no.4, remember?)
81. I enjoy photographing nude abstracts
82. At a party you'll more than likely find me observing from the outskirts
83. I wish I was a vegetarian
84. I always borrow too many books from the library
85. They're always overdue
86. I've probably paid for at least a few shelves in overdue fines
87. I swear a lot more than you might think
88. I often think I should have been a teacher
89. I can spend 4 hours in a shopping mall with my wife and actually enjoy it
90. My favourite season is autumn and time of day is dusk
91. My parents don't know that I know my mother was married once before
92. This bothers me less than I thought it would
93. One of my favourite days was being stuck in heavy coastal traffic on a Sunday afternoon in the back of my friends bakkie. Every moment of that drive was perfect
94. If they figured out how to bottle nostalgia, I'd be addicted
95. I hate going to the beach, except at night
96. My late grandfather used to be the curator at the SA National Museum. He'd let my sister and I in after closing time and we'd walk beneath whale skeletons and Giant Turtle shells, our awed whispers echoing toward infinity. I loved to sit in the planetarium, just me beneath a million pinpricks of light.
97. I possess a fairly good wine knowledge and find descriptions like the following highly amusing: "Two fingers in the nostrils and a gentle tug, followed by a nuzzle at the nape of the neck and that short-lived tinnitus that seems like it’s going to be a major pain or perhaps the first symptom of a ghastly disease but is always gone by the time you remember it was there. Moonglow and snowfights, more tinnitus, a pronounced barnyard sing-along before everything goes to hell and you’re left with a big creamy mess like a priest mopping up after a wank. "
98. I may not be well travelled, but I've seen Cathedral Cove and Milford Sound
99. I passed the 2000 visitor mark yesterday
100. I hope to be a father soon (Update: Let me clarify before I get myself into everyone's badbooks. We are trying for a baby, but nothing as yet.)

20 Responses to “Epilogue.....”

  1. Anonymous fence 

    52. Not good :(

    53. Me too... but I like mobile phones. What do you mean that's just semantics

    62. Happy Birthday

    63. Doesn't everyone?

    73. :( We had a woman call round thinking she had knocked down our kitten. Turned out it was our neighbours which looked almost exactly the same. My little sister (7) had to go and make sure, then we had to tell the neighbours who were away at the time.

  2. Blogger Luke 

    Yer a slag! I KNOW it's your birthday on Tuesday, now you've spoilt the surprise. And what's this about you being a DADDY soon, hey? huh? Cough up the details.
    Loads of stuff here to blackmail you with. :)

  3. Anonymous fence 

    Had to go do some ILLs, but I've now returned to add more comments :)

    74. Thats cool. I vaguely wanted to call our dog after Penfold, from Dangermouse. But we named him Shady before I remembered.

    85. I am (as a library assistant) shocked and deeply disturbed by this fact.

    100. Congrats.

  4. Blogger Luke 

    Trying for a baby is always good ... I'm sure you will do your best :)

  5. Blogger eKapa 

    no tattoos. how sad.

  6. Blogger jenn see 

    51. i still do this.

    54. both. & half the time i see myself from the outside.

    62. happy birthday in advance b/c i'll probably forget.

    75. did you see my photo of the librarian? i found him in a bar in upstate ny.

    97. what kind of wine is that????

  7. Blogger anne 

    I loved reading both lists. Thank you.

  8. Blogger the wheel 

    Happy Birthday (early I know, but just in case I forget next week).

    As for number 26 in the previous post, I've actually seen the aurora borealis (we call it Northern lights here, what do they call it in the southern hemisphere?). It was a couple of summers ago, when I was living in CT. I heard a news report that one of the largest reported solar flares ever was observed on the sun, so I quickly made plans to go to Vermont to see it (where there aren't as many city lights as where I live). It takes about two days for it to reach the earth once it happens, so my timing was perfect. I can't even begin to describe how incredibly beautiful it was.

  9. Blogger Prone Ranger 

    Comments again, again with respect, if irreverance:

    point 57: I struggle, I sleep at night.

    Point 60: I can tell you that...and I agree.

    Point 61: And some other friends as well...

    Point 63: CONCURE me too. My depth of subconcious may vary though!

    Point 64: Penalties are never the way to settle a match - draw or not.

    Point 69: which means you maybe.

    Point 72: Chronologically, otherwise by ......

    Point 81: I enjoy Nudes, no abstraction.

    Point 82: The nude thing again, tied in with gender confusion?

    Point 95: and early morning.... as the sun rises... with your lover

    Point 100: I am going to be a father (again) soon - now very few new that!!! I only told the mother of my daughter three weeks ago: due date: 27 June, another daughter, mia will be her name.....and I am very happy about this, inspite of circumstances and social acceptance.

  10. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    You have so many things in here I want to comment on, but instead, I'll just thank you for sharing and quietly step back...

  11. Blogger Nome 

    Like Livewire, I could comment on everything on the list. But instead I will just say that it's all beautiful, and tell you that I honestly believe that you will make a wonderful father.

    Good luck.

    At least the trying for a baby isn't BORING, right? heh heh

    Sorry...going now.

    ...I really wish you'd tell us what you mean by 'intimidating.'

  12. Blogger Luke 

    It's yer burpday today!
    Heppy Heppy ... :)

  13. Blogger anne 

    Joyeux anniversaire, may it be the start of something wonderful...!

  14. Anonymous fence 

    Happy Birthday

  15. Anonymous Alan 

    Happy Birthday!

    Look at 64 again in the light of 100. In principle I don't support the death penalty, but feel it would be hypocritcal to say so, because if anyone harmed one of my kids I wouldn't just want them executed, I'd want to be the one pulling the trigger.

    Regarding the veggie thing (can't remember the number), I used to eat meat and feel guilty about it. Then ten years ago I stopped. I've never regretted it, I've never missed it and ten years later my brain doesn't even register meat as food any more. If you want to do it, just do it.

    Great blog btw.

  16. Blogger mrsmogul 

    Happy Birthday!

    Came by Something Under the bed girl. On #84, try being a vegetarian for a week. You will find a major difference on how you feel! I've been one for three years!

  17. Blogger Jugular Bean 

    Yay LIVERPOOL!!!!! They're gonna win the Champions league!

  18. Blogger Carl V. 

    Anne said to wish you a 'Happy Birthday' and I'm nothing if not obedient so "Happy Birthday!!!"

    I like your idea for bottled nostalgia, lets get someone on that asap!.

    Enjoy your day!

  19. Blogger ADAMANT 

    Happy Birthday.

    I always used to get the urge to shout out swearwords in church.

  20. Blogger OldHorsetailSnake 

    Trying for baby lots more fun than having.

    Anne says it's your birthday. Happy boitday from Oregon.

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