100 things.....well, almost.....

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After reading Nome's latest post, I've decided to follow suit. Because it's not something that I'd usually do, because it's difficult for me.
I might say that I'm only posting 50 of them today because it gives me a reason to post tomorrow, but the truth is more likely that I've bottomed out and need at least a night before I can come up with another 50.
1. When I was six, I had the most vivid dream of waking to find a strange creature at the foot of my bed. The clarity of that memory has haunted me ever since.
2. I've never broken a bone
3. I dream regularly of Armageddon. It's always different and never scary
4. I am the worlds greatest procrastinator
5. In high school, I was the only guy in a class 99.9% caucasian to take someone to my matric dance (prom) who isn't
6. I'd rather be blind than deaf
7. My eyes change colour between green and blue
8. After owning Soundgarden's Superunkown album for 10yrs, I only 'got' the song The Day I Tried To Live last week
9. I tend to read about three books at the same time
10. I fear I don't know who my sister is anymore
11. I used to man the sound desk at a church, so I had a set of keys. One night a bunch of us snuck into church and took photos of my stoned friend doing his impression of the minister behind the pulpit.
12. I had a major crush on the same minister's daughter
13. It came as a big shock when in the first year of High School I noticed that most of my friends suddenly left me out in the cold because of my very average sporting abilities
14. I never regret this, as I would never have met the fascinating people in high school I eventually became friends with
15. The only sport I ever excelled in was swimming/water polo
16. My nickname in high school was Giraffe. I have no idea why
17. I can't remember the last time I cried, not that I haven't been mentally and emotionally affected by something, but had actual tears roll down my face
18. I used to drink a lot, but I've never been completely rat-assed.
19.When I was 11, my sister and I used to perform fake concerts to my parents records. I used my dad's squash racket as a guitar
20. When I was 8, the teacher used to ask me to tell the other kids a story when she had to leave the classroom. I used to make everything up as I went along, and they loved every second.
21. I fear that was the peak of my creative potential
22. I went to an all boys school, bar when I was 10 and we lived in Johannesburg for a year and I went to a co-ed school
23. When we moved back to Cape Town the following year and I went back to the all boys school, I found it difficult to take anything any of my friends said about girls seriously.
24. I went to Cubs, but never Boy Scouts. Our Scout Hall was across the road from a really busy pub and I remember how many cars were parked outside and how it was such an alien and mysterious place.
25. Many years later I ended up running that same pub. The Scout hall is still there, but I think it's used for Yoga and aerobics now.
26. I want to see the Aurora Borealis before I die
27. There was a guy in high school who used to hang around me all the time, I never really liked him, but he seemed to think he was my best buddy. One day I crashed his motorbike and the only thing he seemed concerned with was whether I was injured. It was like the bike didn't exist. I felt so ashamed for every lousy thought I'd cast his way. I still don't like him, though.
28. My blossoming gymnastics career was cut short at the age of 9, when I accidentally broke a friends arm in a 'daring, high-risk maneuver'
29. I was on my high school general knowledge team for four years running and am addicted to quizzes and lateral thinking problems
30. I love conspiracy theories but believe very few of them
31. I used to play chess with a friend in the darkened corners of a local Goth club
32. New Zealand is the most beautiful place in the world I have ever been
33. Despite the fact that I clash heads with my father on a multitude of points, I still admire and respect him more than any other man alive
34. I have a deep-seated bitterness to the fact that my 'salvation' is more important to him than knowing who I am.
35. I realise that my perception of the above is skewed and the bitterness is seldom directed toward him.
36. I love driving
37. I met my wife in a Chinese restaurant
38. My favourite food is Oriental (Chinese, Thai, Japanese)
39. My best friend at school used to think I was gay
40. I'm not
41. He is
42. I do think he's the most intoxicating guy I've ever known
43. My favourite tv series as a kid was Robotech
44. When I was running the pub, I had more threats to my physical well being than I can remember
45. Yet I've never been punched and never thrown a punch. Since my mouth is usually what gets me into those situations, I figure it better be able to get me out
46. I've had a gallery exhibit some of my photo's and actually sold one
47. I've stood at the edge of Victoria Falls and wanted to throw myself in, not in an attempt at suicide but to be a part of something that magnificent
48. I'm not spontaneous and I overly analyse every situation before I commit to anything 49. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up
50. I miss the Newton house. It became a place of myth among a select few, a huge, sprawling, unkept, bohemian friend's house where I spent most of my high school life. It was covered in vines and had the most fascinating smells and it was always alive. to be continued

6 Responses to “100 things.....well, almost.....”

  1. Blogger anne 

    You clever so and so, having us gagging for more...! Reactions (if I may...):
    2. same here,
    4. you have beaten me to it, so it's fair to say that I actually am
    21. yeah right
    49. ditto - scary, innit?

  2. Blogger LiVEwiRe 

    Ah yes... someone who is able to feel such intensity and passion regarding #47 is in NO danger of #21. I could throw a punch, but that'd wipe out #45 and I just don't have the heart to make you come up with another one to replace it! =)

    Thanks for sharing. You are quite interesting, actually.

  3. Blogger Nome 

    Wow. That was beautiful. And I say that completely without sarcasm.

    That made me respect you even more than I already do.

    By the way...secretly (though no longer a secret!), one of the reasons I wrote a 100 list was because I was hoping against all hope that you would take the inspiration and run with it. Looks like you took the bait. I am most pleased with that.

    3. Reminds me of that Dave Matthews song When the World Ends. That's the only time I've heard the end of days described as absolute beauty and calm.

    5. Good for you!

    9. So do I!

    26. Come to Canada. I have seen in many times, and once I swear it looked like the end of the world if it was beautiful and calm.

    28. I now see why you didn't want to comment on the Boy's little 'accident.'

    40-42. You're the only straight man I have ever known who has admitted they're intoxicated by a gay man. I have loads of respect for that.

    47. I completely understand that desire. That's why in my dreams I always do things like jump off waterfalls.

    I always thought that the most interesting 100 Things list would be yours. So far I'm right, and you only have 50 completed!

    Well done.



    Now please go here:


    and read my poem!


  4. Blogger Prone Ranger 

    With respect....

    1. I'll argue point 4, but only tomorrow, maybe. Or next week...
    2. point 28: so you have broken a bone then!
    3. point 31: is that chess!! (pawn I know but..) - only kidding!
    4. point 39: It's that chess thing - he is!
    5 point 41: hadn't read this yet!!!HAHAHA
    6 point 45: so how many people have you bitten.
    7. point 48: We need to discuss this over a long lunch before jumping to conclusions. How does your diary look for November.
    8. point 50: AMAZINGLY, I agree with you, although I was a bit old to benefit fully. But I know the house, and the people - hows that for the twighlight zone!!!!

    I think I like you even more now....

    and I'm also not gay Nome....hang out with some real men. Like Lumberjacks, who bound from tree to tree...But I digress!

    Actually I said the other day that I am sick of being every woman I know's straight gay friend! Espescially now that I am single again....

  5. Blogger Nome 

    Lumberjacks? The ones I know are even more sexist and homophobic than the rest of the men I know. But I'm sure that doesn't apply across the board. Especially if you turn out to be a lumberjack.

    But really, even the real men I know are only in their early 20s. Give them time. I was squeamish about other girls when I was younger too, but now I couldn't care less. I'm willing to wait a bit longer for the boys to catch up.

  6. Anonymous fence 

    2. Me to. Never even been in hospital except to visit people, and that doesn't happen very often.

    7. Ditto.

    18. I've twice had nights that I can't remember what happened at some stage. But I know that nothing happened, if you know what I mean ;)

    32. I wanna go to NZ, although Ireland will always be the most beautiful place i've ever seen. And especially home. Nothing like coming in on the bus or train and seeing Knocknarae to give you that "home" feeling.

    46. Cool.

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