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"You've been listening to the adagio from Beethoven's 7th Symphony. I think Ludwig pretty much summed up death in this one. You know, he had lost just about all his hearing when he wrote it, and I've often wondered if that didn't help him tune into the final silence of the great beyond." - Northern Exposure Just for the record, so there can be no dispute, switch me off. Remove the tube. Unplugged. If God doesn't do the job properly. I don't want any arguments.

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  1. Blogger Hans the Destroyer 

    Agreed, likewise for me.

  2. Blogger Beelzebabe 

    me too.

    His 9th (Ode To Joy) does it for me, though. That's the one I want to go out with.

  3. Blogger jenn see 

    there's something about tchaikovsky's 1812 that just does me in. pull the plug & plug that in at earsplitting volumes. i'll either spring from the bed & start twirling & banging on the equipment, or i'll go out soaring.

    excellent quote.

  4. Blogger the wheel 

    I'll add myself to this group living and say me too.

    Speaking of music, this whole Shiavo thing has been making me think of the video for that song "One" by Metallica from back in the day.

    I hate Metallica (mostly because they want to sue people for downloading music), but that song certainly is appropriate right now.

  5. Blogger the wheel 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Blogger anne 

    Can I intrude? I want unplugged too (might as well add cremated and organs donated). And I'll use Ravel's Bolero. Very mmmh but I love it.

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