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You are The Cheshire Cat
You are The Cheshire Cat

A huge grin constantly plastered upon your face,
you never cease to amuse. You are completely
confusing and contradictory to most everyone.

What Alice in Wonderland Character Are You?
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  1. Blogger Lohans 

    hah, i was the mad-hatter...strange though, as i have a rather strong dislike for tea. meh. i wouldn't disagree that i can be quite mad at times. the cheshire cat is certainly one of the coolest characters though.

  2. Blogger Luke 

    Both links are not working for me ... so I guess I'm the Dormouse.

  3. Blogger Luke 

    Appears I am also a Mad Hatter ... hm? Strangerer and strangerer

  4. Blogger Ostrich 

    I'm a mad hatter also, and i do feel very strongly about tea. Its a genetic thing. Where i come from, tea is an art form!

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