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I was really overwhelmed by the response to my 15minute challenge. What was initially a test to see whether JP and Banzai are really that damn good (which for the record, they are), turned into a humbling experience; it's never easy to have one's writing scrutinized by others, that you would all be so willing to contribute is indeed greatly appreciated. Moving right along, I proudly present to you, Conversational Terrorism! Now you too can utilise the winning technics of such icons as the US President, tv evangelists and members of the intellectual elite. Also, I can't quite decide whether I think this is a really interesting idea or an unintentional vessel for the voyeurs of society to get their kicks. Link via Parenthesis, who is evidently leaving us for a while. I wish her strength and wisdom for whatever it is that she needs to tackle. Come back to us soon.

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  1. Blogger JP 

    For the record, I think postsecret is fascinating, and often touching. This isn't a peek into the travails of carefully selected and covertly coached 20-somethings on a desert island or strip mall - it's life. Itself. Neat link.

  2. Blogger banzai cat 

    Yeah, I concur. Though I suppose maybe the doubt occurs because-- after all-- these are secrets we're talking about. And secrets go hand in hand with voyeurism.

  3. Blogger Nome 

    I LOVE Postsecret!

    And I figure it doesn't count as voyeurism if people send them in of their own volition.

    A few of my favourites:
    -'I haven't told my father I have the disease that killed my mother.'
    -'I lied: I want her to save me.'
    -'Everyone who knew me before 9/11 believes I'm dead.'
    -'I had gay sex at Church camp. 3 times.'
    -the kid who put pins in a box of condoms so she could keep baby-sitting
    -'I think death is funny.'
    -the one about counting geese
    -'I tell people I'm an atheist, but I believe I'm going to hell.'
    -'I hate people who remind me of myself.'
    'I wish I was the other twin.'
    -'I really enjoy funerals.'
    -'Sometimes I still keep one eye open after I've supposedly gone to sleep just in case my stuffed animals come to life.'
    -'I love one of my children.'

    The last one is so sad, and yet so carefully written.

    These words are so true somehow. I was moved.

    Thanks for the link!

    Your email is still pending (I'll write it after I finish the 16-page paper I have to type!)

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