Toffee flavoured nephews and condensed milk grannies.....

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I am shamlessly stealing this link from Lucretia, partly because it is a fascinating subject and partly because it gives me a chance to win the bloggie award for strangest title (when they finally realise they should introduce that category). If your interest is piqued by the topic, you can also visit the following: synaesthete synaesthete synaesthete synaesthete synaesthete synaesthete

4 Responses to “Toffee flavoured nephews and condensed milk grannies.....”

  1. Blogger the wheel 

    I hear there are a few ingestible substances that might allow you to experience such synaesthsia (if that is the proper term). Not that I ever tried anything like that in my youth or anything...*ahem*

    I wonder what hip hop tastes like.

  2. Blogger forgottenmachine 

    Why skrambled....whatever do you mean? ;~)

  3. Blogger Ostrich 

    Bass lines taste like booming cocoa. And what are you guys talking about???!!! ;P

  4. Blogger JP 

    There's a fascinating depiction of synaesthsia towards the end of Alfred Bester's SF classic. The Stars My Destination.

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