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I am pleased to see that yesterdays post went down so well because, as Livewire so delightfully phrased it, the trolls are continuing their square dancing lessons (though I was granted some relief when they broke for tea and hobbits) and to my great chagrin, the bastard of a day has a twin.....Wednesday be thy name! So you'll just have to be satisfied with further links, pithy sayings and general randomness. First up, in the spirit of yesterday's 'oldies but goodies', the ultimate Smithsonian letter. The Lizard King continues his countdown of the top 100 mofo's of all time with no.42: Bill Hicks. 'No one ever died for a flag. They died for what the flag represents, in this case freedom... which includes the freedom to burn the fucking flag.' Nome finds herself involved in one of the more eloquent, open minded and intelligent debates regarding Bush and everything associated with that name; check out her posts from the unpundit and paint-by-number politics......and keep an eye out for my friend Shaun's astute comments. Banzai Cat is desperately hoping that his gifted writer friend will not throw in the towel, so I encourage you to bombard him with words of encouragement to convey to her. With some of the plodding and ugly writing available on the shelves these days, we need all the fresh talent we can find! I truly intend to post something of substance soon, must just wait for the trolls to be evicted.......and I'm also just too busy emailing all you bloody incredible people!!!!

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    That smithsonian letter was great, almost made me lol, which would not be a good thing as I had a student checking out books in front of me.

    In other news I did comment yesterday, but it seems to have vanished into thin air.

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