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Thanks to all who have continued passing by in my absence, I was hiding from the chocolate-gorging hoards over the Easter weekend and could not reveal my presence, even online. Work has fastened firmly to Sneddon's Corollary, which states that 'the duration of a long weekend is indirectly proportionate to the transience of tempers, patience and tolerance within the working environment'..........yes, I've been working like a dog (which is a rather bizarre statement since all of the hounds I've been exposed to over the years resemble hard-work about as much as George Dubya resembles John Kerry). I promise a pithy, pertinent and pointful post soon (that's for you, D), but I noticed this question over at The Beebox and found it a rather engaging one: Do weblogs confirm male and female stereotypes?

2 Responses to “Cerberus”

  1. Blogger Nome 

    Thanks for the link. I have shamelessly borrowed it and stuck it on my site.

    Hope that's okay!


  2. Blogger Gone Away 

    It could be that different minds are posting! See this link which is a sex id tester, to see which sex your brain/mind is. You may be surprised at the results (I was!!)

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