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So after much debate and in answer to the question posed by a friend, and in no particular order, my top 5 music videos (in deference to Rob Gordon): 1. Just - Radiohead (will post link as soon as I can track one down) 2. Coffee & TV - Blur 3. Judith - A Perfect Circle (simple, powerful, masterfully edited....and when Paz ties her hair up during the interlude, that moment just slays me everytime) 4. Sugarwater - Cibo Matto (Michael Gondry, shot in one take, brilliant) 5. Much Against Everyone's Advice - Soulwax (can't find a link that isn't broken, but their latest effort is equally impressive) And now that you are all dying to correct me, berate me for a masterpiece I have overlooked or PRAISE ME FOR MY EXQUISITE TASTE AND INSIGHT, you may commence.........

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  1. Blogger Carpathian 

    1) and 3) in particular are storming choices.

    I still rememember the first time I saw Just and sat there transfixed until the soooo annoying (but brilliant) payoff.

    As for Judith, that's one of Finchers glory moments.

  2. Blogger JP 

    Totally second you and Carapthian on Just and Judith. And that *is* a girl tying her hair up? Phew. I had no idea who the line-up was, aside from Maynard Keenan.

  3. Blogger Nome 

    Not sure I agree about Judith. It's a brilliant song but the video is kind of, well, uninspired.

    Radiohead has some brilliant videos. Street Spirit is also great.

    Have you seen Coldplay's The Scientist? I think that's a pretty amazing video.

    Love her or hate her, Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For is a pretty interesting, Alice in Wonderland-themed video.

    The Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight Tonight, 1979, and Bullet with Butterfly Wings are all extraordinary.

    The Swollen Members' Lady Venom is a great song and a neat video. They're Canadian, too!

    Mr. Oizo's Flat Beat is hilarious. Good for pure amusement value.

    There are many, many more of course. I would have trouble picking the top five!

    They'll be fun videos to watch, if nothing else.


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