February spawned a monster

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Don't link to this unless you can gaze into the abyss and still manage to put one foot in front of the other..... There is a scream unlike any other A scream that lasts a lifetime It starts at birth when light and cold Strip away everything And it ends When upon the canvas of an innocent mind Is written "Witness the extent of human potential" And I want to wrap this fragile girl In a cocoon woven from every tear Shed for her And I want to whisper "Such evil could not exist without an even greater goodness" But my own tongue turns on me and spits..... There is a scream unlike any other For when it ends, no sound will ever be heard again.

5 Responses to “February spawned a monster”

  1. Blogger Fence 

    There's nothing really anyone can say about something like that its there? Makes you worry about people.

  2. Blogger the wheel 

    I'm not sure if God exists, but stuff like this makes me certain that the devil does. I almost feel like it would have been better if the woman had been killed too, so she wouldn't have to live with the memory.

  3. Blogger Luke 

    I have tried not to look at our radio and tv logs all day whenever I saw this 'story' but it goes into the subconscious.

    We weep, we try to comprehend, we rage, we apprehend the dogs that did this, there is a trial and then the media interest dies down. People become numb to the details, it is forgotten, becomes a statistic.
    But this poor girl and her family will have to live with this for EVER. It will never go away. There is no amount of psychological counselling or emotional help that can be given to people who suffer this kind of degradation.

  4. Blogger Beelzebabe 

    I dont even bother to ask "why" sometimes. Doesnt seem like there would be any justifiable answer, anyway.

    ya know your pic reminds me of Elvis?

  5. Blogger Ostrich 

    As if the story wasn't horrific enough, they've put an advert featuring Snoop and the Back eyed Peas smack in the middle of it...Now i'm reeally mad. Callous bastards.

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