Bartender, a round of groovy weekends for me and my friends.....

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Since Bush has recently delivered his State of the Nation address, I thought a story about the Big Bad Wolf would go down nicely. And who better to read it than the coolest man to walk the planet. And a quote for the weekend: "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool." -Richard Feynman

4 Responses to “Bartender, a round of groovy weekends for me and my friends.....”

  1. Blogger Lohans 

    bwa ha haa! OH my god. He really is the coolest man ever. who else could get away with such a hidious sweater and STILL go on to play the headless horseman!? only Walken my friends, only Walken. those readings are awesome. hah!

  2. Blogger the wheel 

    That is hysterical. Walken had some classic moments on Saturday night live too. He is one of a kind.

  3. Blogger Fence 

    Don't I wish I had sound ont his computer. then I could listen to Mr. Walken instead of just imagine how he sounds.

  4. Blogger Carpathian 

    The sound is great but when combined with the picture of that glowing sweater it's a must-link if ever I've seen one.

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