and now it's been 10 years I'm still wonderin' who to be

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Thanks Nica for this link. "Committing yourself is a way of finding out who you are. A man finds his identity by identifying. A man's identity is not best thought of as the way in which he is separated from his fellows but the way in which he is united with them." ~ Robert Terwilliger The expression of identity has never before been as accessible as it is in this moment in time. In the same breath, never before have we been able to identify with such a plethora of "circles, cliques and social coteries". We pierce, tattoo, clothe, paint, walk, talk......whole cultures are abducted and transformed in our undying efforts to escape definition, yet define ourselves. We identify things of aesthetic value, such as Hanzi script, and incorporate them into out carefully constructed avatars. And we do so often without understanding, with no respect or appreciation for what it is our grubby little mitts are now clutching. And I want to be angry, I want to rip out the nipple ring of that pseudo-tribal hipster and ask him if he even knows how and why piercings originated. But a few thoughts stop me cold in my tirade. Does the act of claiming these practices from other cultures not redefine what they are? Hanzi is no longer the product of skill and discipline, but rather a shade, a faded is no longer Hanzi. Rather than insulting the culture from which it was plundered, I am sure they find it fairly amusing. Secondly, am I not just as guilty a thief? The origins of my theft may not be as obvious, but that makes me no less of a thief. I am what I eat, what I read, what I watch..............this comment formed in my mind simply as a remark on image, but as I have typed and retyped, I sense there is something else, something specific that I need to say, but it slips through my fingers and darts into the shadows at the first sign of light. I must be patient, must not scare it away. I will set a careful trap, formulate a temptation too great to withstand, in the dead of night I will coax it forth with gentle words and promises of look for this post to be somewhat rehashed tomorrow morning! In the meantime: "Most of all we hate collective identity: every day of your pathetic life you are being put into a little box by society by the way you look or the bands you listen to. Collective identity sucks. Be an individual, don't make it easy to be dismissed in a sentence" ~ Matt Spinks

5 Responses to “and now it's been 10 years I'm still wonderin' who to be ”

  1. Blogger Fence 

    So we yearn to fit in, but hate to be part of the group... Sounds about right

  2. Blogger Fence 

    Me again, quick note to say that the link to the nielsenhayden site is broken. There is a double http so I made it, but thought I'd let you know.


  3. Blogger the wheel 

    I've found that as I get older I don't define myself and others by the music we listen too as much as I did when I was younger. It was certainly true in my teenage years though. I've become more open to hearing music that I once would have shunned (especially pop crap music).

    That Hanzi site was pretty cool. It made me think of, which is sort of the opposite in that it shows the funny mistakes that occur when Japanese products include English words used incorrectly.

  4. Blogger the wheel 

    oops. that should be to, not too. dammit.

  5. Blogger Ray 

    Robert Terwilliger? Isn't he Sideshow Bob?

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