....while Madonna butchers 'Imagine' on telethons.....

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Well I am going down to nowhere Its not too far from here The Rain’ll be running rings Around this tinpot cavalier and there are skeletons and wastrels As far as the eye can see So if you want me baby The Nowheres where I’ll be Yeah I am going down to nowhere Oh its childsplay We are turning up our collars We are hijacking the day And you can tell me about your journeys You can tell me all your dreams But nothing comes close To the nowhere that I’ve seen And all you people heading somewhere Well you don’t know what you’re missing Cos theres nothing like the freedom Of a place where noone listens so I am going down to nowhere It is steeped in history This is high-rise living for a Joke Like me We are such pretty little failures on streets paved with fools gold and no-one will think twice about The nothing that they’ve sold And all you people heading somewhere Well you don’t know what you’re missing Cos theres nothing like the freedom Of a place where noone listens So I am going down to nowhere With the drop-outs and the bums I’m a soldier of the vacuum When the darkness comes I’m a vaudeville comedian In a theatre of bones And Its a laugh a minute When nowhere is your home Down To Nowhere - Thea Gilmore

2 Responses to “....while Madonna butchers 'Imagine' on telethons.....”

  1. Blogger nica 

    Browsing blogs is great way to go, until you stumble across those owned by annoying 13 year olds with fluffy rabbits and the like, crapping on about some dude in their class at school. But generally it's interesting when you come across one that has something readable, even if they do suck you in ;), It's even better when someone stumbles across your blog, leaves a message, and then you find out that they too have an interesting and readable blog.
    Hmmm, that's a lot of words to simply say, 'thanks for dropping by.'
    I'd like to elaborate on what seems like stimulating football chatter, but Australia has this annoying and greedy thing whereby, if the pay sports channels offer more for the rights of a certain sport then the people who don't have cable are up shit creek. I am one of those stuck up shit creek. However, I have a paddle, when I get back home in a week or two I too shall be able to savour the enjoyment of sitting my arse for 2 hours watching a match again.
    I do know that which ever team or sportsman I go for. they seem to such arse. Villa is now midfield, Valencia can't catch up to Barca, Rangers keep tailgating my Hoops and don't get me started on the tennis so far. The Australian Open is one giant nightmare for me.
    Okay I'll shut up now.

  2. Blogger Fence 

    You know I keep meaning to buy a Thea Gilmore album. I got one of her songs free on an Uncut compilation ages ago, love it, but still no album purchased...

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