This must be an elaborate just has to be......

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Aren't we lucky we have people to protect us from this It's actually a brilliant state of mind to be in. If you criticize us, we still care about you but you're going to hell, if we criticize you, it's because we see the light and your poor ignorant arse hasn't...... Thunk, thunk, thunk....(the sound of my head bashing against my desk , all hope gone....)

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  1. Blogger the wheel 

    Hahaha!!! I just saw an interview with a guy from the We Are Family Foundation. They are in fact the ones who put the video out, but the video has nothing to do with sexuality. Neither does the group (though they promote tolerance and acceptance of everyone, including homosexuals).

    The geniuses in the Christian group who started this whole thing went to the wrong website for their information. There are (at least) two groups called We Are Family. One is a gay/lesbian/transgender site who's website is The other is is more concerned with racial and diversity issues. The bible thumpers went to the wrong site. Fucking idiots.

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