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Hospital or bathroom? It's so hard to tell these days, every smooth surface sterile, that unnatural light banishing even the hint of a shadow. Washed clean, shaved clean....cleanliness is next to godliness, the Hypocratic oath? But in front of the mirror, a figure casts a heavy shadow. The morning ritual, basin-water always just hot enough to burn. Deadly blade, loosely gripped by a hand. A hand which remains deathly still, though the blood of every potential act of violence rushes through its veins. And its purpose? Misdirection, the projection of a stainless image. But the slightest of cuts, as for the quickest of moments that violent blood wins through. And the tiny droplet hurtles toward the water and shimmers on the surface, the devil's eye staring straight back at him. And it swirls in the water. A red opaque. And it draws him in, accuses him, comforts him............ A slender hand reaches across his stomach, never startling. And he sees a new image in the mirror. And she sees how he trembles. And the kindest of lips kiss the back of his neck. "Paul, honey.......your coffee's getting cold. Finish up, I miss you already." And you are always there, reminding me that to love you and be loved by you...........that is a constant redemption. Darkness always afforded me the most luxurious anonymity, but no longer and for that I will be eternally grateful.

4 Responses to “A thank you note.......”

  1. Blogger Sunshine Coyote 

    a woman's hands are quick,
    with fingertips like moths that sometimes perch
    on ticklish knees or angled shoulder,
    flit through hair searching for light,
    a dance across skin, one imperfect nail dragging
    behind the others -- a scratch to remind
    even moths can be dangerous
    as your fire holds her captive

    Lucky you, it seems.

  2. Blogger Hans the Destroyer 

    Lovely, absolutely lovely. And indeed, lucky to have love as a constant presence.

  3. Blogger the wheel 

    Very well written, Paul. The style of my writing tends to be more journalistic than anything else, but I think I'd like to try dabbling in a poetic style like this post. Maybe if I were in love with someone, instead of just heartbroken from my last relationship, I would be inspired to write something like that. Oh well, someday soon...

  4. Blogger Prone Ranger 

    Paul, this is beautifully written. You must really love her.

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